Hawaii Five-O (He Kane Hewa’ole) Visits Kapolei Real Estate

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BY RICH GRAYBILL RA – This week’s episode was shot in multiple locations on the island as always.

Kapolei Knolls Home


This Kapolei home (MLS# 1014027) is just minutes away from the high speed chase scene

I love writing about these episodes because they feature so many great locations on Oahu. For instance, this week’s episode was shot in Kapolei, Kaneohe, Waipahu, Downtown Honolulu, and Kalihi. The one area I’ve chosen to feature this week is Kapolei, as there were at least 2 scenes shot there.

Early on, Chin Ho and Kono were driving when they got called in on a high speed chase that HPD was pursuing. The getaway driver was ultimately cut off in an intersection on a new stretch of road in Kapolei where the new University of Hawaii, west campus will be built. When the team discovers a dead body in the car and the driver didn’t come up in the database, more evidence pointed to him living in the Waipahu area.

After interviewing the driver’s father, McGarrett was led to believe he was not guilty, and there was someone else behind the dead body. They were able to figure out that the victim was undergoing cancer treatment and were able to get an identity from the hospital, where Chin Ho ran into his Ex.

Ko Olina Kai Golf Estates

This Ko Olina Kai Golf Estates unit (MLS# 1100562) is the same floor plan as the victim’s

Once they were able to identify the victim, they went to his residence, which they found ransacked. The place looked very familiar to me as it was the exact same floor plan as two units we recently sold at Ko Olina Kai Golf Estates at the Ko Olina Resort in Kapolei. This is such a great product!

In any event, they discovered that the victim’s wife wasn’t there and that she could be in harms way as well. This led them to her father’s office in Downtown Honolulu which appeared to be either in or near Harbor Court. They quickly learned that she was kidnapped and held for ransom.

McGarrett and Dano followed her father to a rendezvous spot at Honolulu Harbor, where they gun downed the would be co-conspirator to the murder. From there, the Five-O team puts together the pieces to uncover the victim’s wife was in on the ploy and are able to stop her from boarding a plane at Honolulu International Airport, and save the day once again!

If you’re looking to live your Hawaii Five-O Life in Kapolei, contact me for more information.

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