Hawaii Five-O (Ho’opa’i) Visits Kailua Real Estate

Kailua Beach
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Kailua Beach

BY RICH GRAYBILL – Last week’s episode of Hawaii Five-O starring Sean Combs took the #1 spot in ratings again.


Combs played an undercover agent named Reggie Cole that was working to bust a crime boss from the east coast.

Having been under the radar in the organization for two years, he flew to Hawaii to stake out the scene to make sure everything was safe. The episode started off with a scene of him sitting on the beach in Kailua.

There, he had the opportunity to reunite with his family for a day before going back undercover.

By the way, this is just minutes away from where Obama stays in Kailua Beach for his winter vacations every year.

Unfortunately, Reggie Cole’s vacation was not as lavish, nor was his security anywhere near as good as the President’s.

While stepping outside to the beach, he heard shots fired as two gunmen attacked the home, killing his wife. Fortunately, his son was unharmed.


The Five-O team get wind of the shootings and head to the crime scene in Kailua. There, they find Reggie, and it becomes apparent that the obvious suspect was the crime boss named Cannon.

Meanwhile, Cannon arrives in Honolulu and is staying at nice pad in Kahala. Although Reggie tries to convince McGarrett there’s no way he can bring him down, McGarrett decides nobody is above the law and goes after him.

During their investigation, they find out that one of the FBI agents hired to protect Reggie was on the take. They find all the evidence ultimately pointed to Cannon’s (supposedly innocent) son as the culprit behind the murders.

The Five-O team enjoyed working with Reggie so much, they offered him a position. His business wasn’t over as he still wants to get Cannon behind bars. Maybe we haven’t seen the last of Sean Combs on location in Hawaii….


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