Hawaii Five-O (Lapa’au) Visits Waimanalo Real Estate

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This Waimanalo home (MLS# 1100781) is on the ocean just as the Vietnam vet’s in Lapa’au was

BY DAVID E. BUCK – Unfortunately, I missed the last several weeks of Hawaii Five-O while I was on vacation. Thank goodness for DVR’s; I am slowly getting caught up on some great episodes. I’ve decided to skip writing about Episode 7: Ka Iwi Kapu. Although it was well written, it was a bit “dark,” which was appropriate for its debut on Halloween. There wasn’t much real estate featured outside of some valleys and driving scenes, which were along windward Oahu’s Kaaawa and Hauula coasts.

Episode 8 (Lapa’au) started off with some great tow-in surfing scenes on Oahu’s North Shore with Rusty Keaulana and Makua Rothman. Shortly after, an airplane goes down right off the surfing break. The Five-O Team is called in to investigate and it turns out the pilot of the plane was a DEA agent. They soon set off to find out what she was working on as they discover she was dead before the plane crash.


McGarrett and Danno go to the DEA agent’s home in Kaimuki to look for her “red book,” which was basically a log book for her investigation work. There, they discover a camera with a bunch of recent surveillance photos she took. Once they cross check their database with the man in most of the photos, the investigation leads to his home in Waimanalo.

He tells Chin Ho and Kono that she was interviewing him about his medicinal marijuana he takes for his cancer. It turns out his supplier wasn’t just selling to those with medical cards. Upon their investigation at the smoke shop, they are able to uncover some more footage on their surveillance of a criminal who turns out was a snitch the DEA agent was collaborating with. He had informed her of a “safe house” where items were shipped to avoid customs.

The Five-O Team raids the safe house where they discover illegal trafficking of rare animals and exotic medicinal supplies. Trying to figure out who could be behind all this, they ask Kamekona, who points them to an alternative medicine doctor in Chinatown. Unfortunately, he is missing.

Meanwhile, the investigation turns back to the original suspect in Waimanalo, who was a cancer patient. They figure out that he was a Vietnam vet that was capable of putting the whole murder together, piloting the plane, then jumping out into the forest.

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