Hawaii GOP: Hirono’s Only Educational Accomplishments are Siding with Union Bosses

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Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle

REPORT FROM HAWAII GOP –  In advance of Mazie Hirono’s furlough rally later today, the Hawaii Republican Party has released a grassroots web video Strikers reminding Hawaii residents of Hirono’s historic roll with public education.

“Mazie Hirono has been a shame for Hawaii’s education system always siding with union bosses and not students, and encouraging the teachers to strike rather than helping to form solutions. Today, she’s continuing to live in the past at her furlough rally, and she has encouraged teachers to strike again as union negotiations stall with Gov. Abercrombie,” said David Chang, Hawaii Republican Party chairman.
The video is available online here.
Despite Hirono’s claims to be a stalwart for education, her only accomplishment has been to side with the union bosses and not students.  Linda Lingle, however, has been a strong leader for public education in Hawaii. The below listing provides additional detail comparing Hawaii’s U.S. Senate candidates’ accomplishments for public education.
Mazie Hirono’s Education Accomplishments 
*Encouraged the teachers strike in 2001, contributing to Hawaii’s students missing 14 instructional days;
*She’s doing the same thing today, encouraging teachers to strike as union negotiations continue to stall with Governor Abercrombie;
*Always supported the Union Bosses, not the students;
*Lied about “creating” Hawaii’s pre-Plus program, claiming the work of others as her own.
Linda Lingle’s Education Accomplishments
*Was a volunteer reading teacher for 10 years on Maui;
*Ended teacher furloughs with an innovative public-private partnership to provide funding the DOE believed was necessary;
*Established and promoted the STEM program for Hawaii’s students;
*Helped to secure $75 million in Race to the Top federal funding for education;
*Dedicated $35 million of discretionary federal funding toward education programs statewide to fund the Hawaii Science Olympiad, the Challenger Space Center, robotics education, International Baccalaureate program and the accreditation for Hawaii’s public charter schools;
*Advocated for the constitutional amendment which changed Hawaii’s board of education to an appointed board, which could be held accountable for their decisions;
*Allocated $25 million in state and federal funds toward early childhood education to increase preschool access for low and moderate-income children;
*Created workforce training programs to encourage vocational training opportunities for secondary school students;
*Approved and implemented the construction of the University of Hawaii – West Oahu campus, and the University of Hawaii – Hilo School of Pharmacy;
*Directed more than $605 million to the Department of Education to fund new school construction, critical repair and maintenance and energy efficiency implementation projects





  1. How incredibly insulting … you're treating the electorate like they are idiots, and they notice it.

    Linda Lingle's main contribution to education in Hawaii was Furlough Fridays.

    Everybody knows that. When you try to spin it so that she appears to be the education governor it sickens normal people who remember what Hawaii was like with furlough fridays.

    And it doesn't really matter what else she did. That's the thing that ends up being her legacy.

    And what happened to her campaign promise of decentralization? That never happened either.

    No doubt there were some good things done during the Lingle administration, but unfortunately the bad things are the things that we remember and that's going to be her legacy.

    • Don't blame Lingle. How 'bout the unions and teachers role in this?
      No Hawaii Governor can unilaterally furlough teachers or any DOE employee since they are
      under the Board of Education's jurisdiction. Also, the BOE agreed to furloughs as part of the labor
      contract with the HSTA. Gov Lingle's support was with the explicit understanding that furloughs would
      take place on non-instructional days and was disappointed when that did not happen through no
      fault of her own.
      I've heard people blame the former Governor for many things including the demise of Aloha Airlines. It's because
      employees are not told the truth until they meet someone who does.

      Lingle did a great thing bringing something that the people of Hawai'i really wanted and NEEDED but the powers that be, in their own agenda made it impossible for the Hawaii Super Ferry to continue. It was not just about an EIS.

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