Hawaii Reporter Goes ‘Over the Top’ with Editorial on Fishman

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”’*Editor’s note: Hawaii Reporter publishes differing views. In this case, the letter is left as is to maintain the integrity and flavor of the message.”’

Your article on Bob Fishman was “over the top.” Bob is a good, decent man. A man who has spent a lifetime in public service.


I know Bob Fishman personally, probably better than most any Republican. He is a good man. You provided a lot of innuendo and slant, but no facts of actual wrong doing on his part.

Mailia, I do not believe Bob is running in the next election cycle for anything.

Mailia, really, this was just too much. It is not right to drag someone threw the mud like you did in that article. You owe Fishman an apology.

If he was as bad as you say, Why did Charles Du Jour vote for him?

”’Bob McDermott is a former Republican legislator who left office to run for Congress and lost. He can be reached via email at:”’ mailto:mcdermotr001@hawaii.rr.com