Hawaii Senate Prepares for Bills to Crossover to House

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BY SENATE MINORITY – More than 200 bills will be up for vote next Tuesday and Thursday as the Hawaii State Legislature heads for the First Crossover deadline on March 7. The Senate Minority Caucus will be working on bill digests all weekend long to get Senator Slom ready for the big voting day on Tuesday, March 5.

Leading up to Tuesday, the Legislature completed its recess period and are now back in session.


March 1 – Floor Action Session Day #24: The State Senate advised and consented 13 individuals to a number of boards and commissions. SCR 32 and SCR 43 was also adopted to rename the Kilauea Point Lighthouse on the Island of Kauai and the Saddle Road highway on the Big Island of Hawaii after U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye. Bills that were slated for Third Reading were deferred to Tuesday. March 5. Bill numbers are hot linked from the Order of the Day.

The Hawaii State Senate also honored the World War II Tuskegee Airmen during the March 1 floor session.

February 28 – Floor Action Session Day #23: The Senate passed SB 1207, SB 633, SB 120, SB 1066, SB 461 and SB 1020 on third reading floor votes. Bill numbers are hot linked from the Order of the Day.

February 27 – JDL / WAM Hearing on SB 894: Senator Slom and 4 others voted “No” on the bill that would allow the State to acquire lands owned by Oaktree Capitol, LLC near the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore. The bill has split the North Shore Community between those who don’t want development and support the state’s plan to buy vs. those who want to have better employment and business opportunities. See the video and photos below:

Senator Slom (off camera but present at the hearing) comments about SB 894before casting his “no” vote. SB 894 did pass and will be up for Third Reading floor vote on March 5.


Photo collage: Opponents and supporters at capitol, JDL/WAM hearing; WAM and JDL committee members.


The following are bills that Senator Slom voted “no” in the Senate Ways & Means committee on February 21 and 22. List date: 2-26-2013. Go towww.capitol.hawaii.gov to look up individual bills by number.

SB 1132: Increases the tipping fee for solid waste deposited to the landfill.

SB 1133: Bottled dietary supplements will be subjected to the beverage tax.

SB 1135: Expands the electronics recycling tax to cover toys, lighting devices, small appliances, personal hygiene products and power tools in addition to electronic equipment and computers. Will increase the cost for all of these consumer goods.

SB 1143: New filing fees to fund the Office of Environmental Quality Control; new special fund.

SB 1101: Establishes a new special fund called the Interim Assistance Reimbursement Special Fund.

SB 1194: Eliminates the sunset date on the Transient Accommodations Tax rate of 9.25%.

SB 463: Adding a special fund to the motion picture, digital media and film production tax credit.

SB 1087: Green infrastructure State loan program and fee (tax).

SB 668: Mandated health care plan requirement to cover autism.

SB 1109: Hospital standards for sexual assault victims. Emergency contraception, regardless of religious mission.

SB 345: Portable electronics insurance fee.

SB 997: Establishes a new “State Archives Preservation and Long Term Access Special Fund” and fee.

SB 948: Taxation of internet sales; requires state to become party of the national streamlined sales and use tax agreement.

SB 654: Mandates health insurance coverage for tobacco use cessation treatments.

SB 1131: New tiered glass advanced disposal tax system based on the capacity of a glass container.

SB 69: Gun buy-back program; background checks; $200,000 appropriation.

SB 505: Establishes an annual condominium trust fund fee starting on July 1, 2015.

SB 1067: A new fee on the transfer or change in control of an escrow license.

SB 693: Establishment of a 3-year pilot photo red light imaging detector system program.

SB 1085: Establishes a new tax by the ounce on sugar-sweetened beverages to be deposited in a new obesity and chronic disease prevention special fund.

SB 1193: Eliminates the general excise tax exemption for liquor, tobacco & food sold to common carriers.

SB 331: Increase minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $8.25 on 7-1-13; $8.75 on 7-1-14 and $9.25 on 7-1-15.

SB 1166: Increases the conveyance tax on certain real estate transactions; 10% of proceeds to the Natural Area Special Fund for watershed protection and invasive species control.

SB 1202: Raises the Transient Accommodations Tax rate to 11.25% beginning 7-1-2013.

SB 1307: Amends the tax on tobacco products by an unspecified amount.

SB 645: Increases liquor taxes and repeals excise & use tax exemptions on sales of liquor.

Some of these bills are not on the calendar for Third Reading votes, March 5.