He’s No ‘Birther’ but Hawaii Senator Tackles Issues Surrounding Obama’s Birth Certificate

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Hear the interview on the Rick Hamada Show on KHVH Radio: https://www.hawaiireporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Slom-KHVH042611.mp3

Segment with State Senator Sam Slom | April 26, 2011


Rick Hamada: Glad we are back chatting about news and information and you my friend are right in the center of all of this, with conversation with John Temple and previously with Civil Beat but also I mentioned and talked about a full page on WND.com and Drudge, and all of this we’d would love for you to go and just cut to the chase.

Sam Slom: Well, I will cut to the chase. And I did hear Mr. Temple this morning. You and I have known each other for 17 years.

Rick Hamada: Yes

Sam Slom: I don’t go out after publicity, I don’t seek it, but I do have a policy if someone asks me a question, I answer it and answer it honestly. I don’t dodge anything.

Rick Hamada: Right.

Sam Slom: I was very disappointed to hear Mr. Temple who was waxing poetic about ethics, say three times in his segment this morning that, “Sam Slom jumped into this issue,” and all that. I never “jumped” into anything. I was called and I was asked and as you know I was asked primarily because I did live for 17 years in the Punahou Circle apartment building, seven of which Mr. Obama lived there.  I did work with his grandmother at Bank of Hawaii. I did have a son, one of my four sons, who was born in Kapiolani Medical Center so I know a little about what I’m talking about when people ask me things. And I got all over the country I mean it’s amazing people asked various questions and they made statements and I had to correct them and say “that’s not true, that didn’t happen.”

But Mr. Temple and his outfit never called me and asked me what I said or what I believed. In fact one reporter called me yesterday from the Civil Beat and all he asked me was have I talked to Donald Trump and did I give Donald Trump information. And of course the answer was “no” I haven’t talked to Donald Trump or anyone else.

But what I said clearly on every one of these broadcasts, and by the way, I turned a number of them down because if it had any interference with my Senate duties or legislative responsibilities, I never did it.  I was giving interviews at 12 and 1 o’clock in the morning our time here from home because of the 6 hour time difference on the east coast. But here is what I said to every one of them without exception:

I am not a birther I believe that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu at Kapiolani Hopital as he says. I have no reason to dispute that. But I said, as you mentioned earlier today, the thing that is troubling is, it’s not just his birth records but also his school records and his employment records that he has paid millions of dollars to attorneys to keep from the public eye. Now you would think that a dedicated news source and mainstream media would have been interested in that. They’re not.

As a matter of fact they write off people who even question that, or ask for it, as being racist. What I said very clearly is I don’t know what’s behind this or why he doesn’t do it, and maybe there is information on the birth certificate itself that’s has to do with his father. I never said we don’t know who his father is or its somebody else, but that’s what really irks me about somebody like Mr. Temple who doesn’t ask me doesn’t go directly to the source and purports to be a news source. I always said that maybe, but I don’t know, there is information that the President is trying to hide and it could be dealing with his father’s background or race or citizenship because in the old days, the birth certificate that I have for my son had a great deal of detailed information about race, ethnicity, employment …. all of that. So I don’t know but I have never made any of those outrageous statements and I tried to correct them where they appeared.

The other thing that I said was, that look — this all serves to take away the focus from real issues, you know me I’m a fiscal guy. I want to talk about taxes I want to talk about budget I want to talk about the real costs of things like Obamacare and the burdens on small businesses and people like that. So that’s been entirely and consistently my emphasis, in fact Dan Nakaso of the StarAdvertiser called yesterday and we talked all about that. And I said to him look I didn’t seek to be the poster child for this information you know how the media works when somebody does one thing and everybody calls and that’s it.

I was clear with Daryl Huff on KITV yesterday as well. I am not seeking any publicity, I don’t need it, I’m doing my work and this was just an offhand issue. In fact, my Capitol staff said “don’t even answer these questions – don’t do it” and I’m saying but that’s not me, somebody asks me a question anytime I do it, but I don’t go out and jump in or seek publicity.

Rick Hamada: That’s very true. I was going through some of the transcripts on the story WND just a couple of minutes before the top of the hour. And the quote here is “It could have to do with what his name is on the birth certificate, who is actually listed as his father, his citizenship of the father.” Now if the context is correct you then just continued on with what you just stated about other concerns, so it appears to me that It clearly was an offhanded comment, not a declaration of saying that “this is what it is”.

Sam Slom: No, not at all. I don’t have any information than anyone else. I will say that we had requests in our office to find out why the letter that was delivered by Congressman Abercrombie two years ago to Kapiolani Hospital from the President was not on display.  I tracked that down and talked to several people at Kapiolani. I also talked to Kim Gennaula because originally the hospital said “Boy, we’re so proud of this, we’re going to put this on display in the lobby.”

Kim Gennaula told me that people tried to steal the letter so it’s locked up in the Executive offices right now and we couldn’t even get a copy of the copy. That was one thing. The other thing was last week allegedly one of the deputy attorney generals made a statement that not even the President could get a copy of his birth certificate. So I called and checked on that. There is no written opinion no advisory opinion about that, but that’s what I do as you know Rick if somebody asks me a question if I know the information I’ll answer it, If I don’t I’ll research it and get it for that perspective but that’s all.





  1. So why is HAWAII Sen. Sam Sloan stating that he believes that the issue with 0’s BC is WHO his father is? Why Trump says it’s “Something 0 might not even know?” Like I’ve been stating a very long time, now, and even written an ebook about, JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS, at my website, http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com and amazon.com.
    Well, it’s certainly insidious for the Socialist Democrats, who are desperately trying to hide Obama’s BC – For in that who his real WHITE father and BLACK Indonesian mother is, not so much his birthplace He is none other that former East German STASI “Master Spy” Gen. Markus Wolf, who specialized in breeding, grooming, running and building Legends for his “Manchurian Candidates.”
    The HI Socialist Dem’s either deliberately glossed over that name, or let it through on purpose, and Pelosi and Reid surely did.
    Imagine the political consequences!
    (Makes one wonder why they’ve taken their families to Red China…)
    I know, I am one of Wolf’s “MC’s”, myself, but was ushered into US Army MI in the mid-70’s to lure him to the West, where he was turned.
    Actually, the enemy’s plan had been to stuff both wings of the election, and you’ll be surprised to see who’s still on the Republican side, also my half-sister.
    Go to Lulu.com for “Family photos” of famous spies I was worked against in Germany and the UK.
    What many don’t know is that Wolf also became the secret architect for The Patriot Act and the hidden agenda behind the “Health Care Plan,” as well. He was “Turned” and became a “Consultant” for the CIA NOT in 1992 when the Wall fell, but in at least 1977. And as such, each and every agenda this “Takeover from w/i” has been twarted by the Bushes and the CIA. Greatest coup in history.

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