Hawaii Senior Senator Daniel Inouye to Dems: Let’s Keep it Clean

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BY US SENATOR DANIEL K. INOUYE – It has become part of the lifestyle of America for politics and political campaigns to be described as “negative” or “dirty” but it need not be, especially not in Hawaii.  When asked recently about whether a particular statement was “fair game” I gave my opinion and said it was not.

But whether from the Hannemann or Abercrombie campaigns, I have read or heard statements and comments, attributed to both sides, that walk a very fine line between “fair” and “foul.”


We’re all better than that.

Unfortunately nastiness is coming from not only within the campaigns.

In recent days, mean spirited comments and negative statements were made about two good Democratic candidates—Mufi Hannemann and Kirk Caldwell. It is one thing to endorse a candidate, it is quite another to tear down and gut the opposition by engaging in character assassination.

That has no place in Hawaii.

I would urge all who consider themselves Democrats to campaign vigorously for the hearts and minds of voters based on the power of our ideas and the strength of our campaign organizations.

Let’s keep it clean.