Hawaii skydiver sets new record at Nationals competition

Hawaii Sky Diver
(Credit: Joseph Thomas)
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Canopy skydiver Robin Jandle has set a new record at this week’s 2022 Skydiving National Championships with a distance of nearly a mile at 129.98 meters. Canopy piloting involves skydivers swooping over water, clocking speeds up to 100 MPH, where they are judged in accuracy, distance and speed. This has broken the FAI North American Continental and Wisconsin state record, as well as secured Robin 3rd place overall, competing against both men and women.

This is a huge accomplishment in the sport, with skydiving being primarily male-dominated and just 14% of skydivers identifying as female.


With this feat, Robin has also secured her spot on the 2023 U.S. World Cup skydiving roster, where she will compete in Eloy, Arizona next year.

Robin took her first tandem skydive at Skydive Hawaii in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Robin has been skydiving for over 12 years, jumping over 8,700 times. She also made the U.S. Parachute team in 2019 and holds world records for speed in U.S. women’s belly carving.




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