Hawaii Voters Must Referendum Against Democrats In September Primary

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BY DANIEL DE GRACIA II – I recently received an e-mail from Ed Case in which he wrote, “I’ve known and worked with [Mufi] Hannemann … as I’ve watched him in public office I’ve come to view him as the most dangerous politician in a generation, because his talents mask an agenda which, if successful, will set Hawai’i back a generation. He is the product and clear choice of a political machine that must end … It would be a singular achievement for us all to vote in the Democratic primary to reject the brand of fear-based exclusionary machine politics practiced by Hannemann, and to then each and all make an issues-based choice between Abercrombie and Aiona in the general election.”

Contrary to what the former U.S. Representative would have you believe, no Hawaii voter – whether they support Duke Aiona, Mufi Hannemann, Neil Abercrombie or anyone else – should pull a Democrat ballot in the September 18th Primary Election.


For what is now approaching six decades Hawaii Democrats have squandered the taxpayer’s wealth, made government bigger while providing the worst services and infrastructure and yet have the nerve to knock on the doors of Hawaii’s voters every two and four years with a message that they are the party that protects keiki, kupuna and kanaka. Their incumbents have shamed and tarnished the legacy of Democrats like Thomas Jefferson, Governor Al Smith, Senator Scoop Jackson and John F. Kennedy and shown the Hawaii brand of the Democratic Party to be one of extremism and backwardness.

Let’s look at the facts: today, less than 4 out of 10 people have $10,000 or more in personal savings. The dollar has depreciated against nineteen major world currencies. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Federal budget deficit will surpass $1.3 trillion this year and has taxpayers penciled in to pay $2.2 trillion in income taxes over the next decade. China, Japan, the Middle East and numerous other holders of the dollar are positioning themselves to dump the dollar because they know that it is backed by nothing. Diminished production at home combined with a massive dilation of the money supply has caused intense upward pressure on prices and people are struggling to make ends meet.

The average duration that a person remains umemployed is now longer than its ever been in the entire history of America. And what do Hawaii Democrats say is the answer to Hawaii’s problems? Grab more Federal funding – that is, more printed dollars that are backed by nothing, more dollars that are actually floated by loans of upwards of $3 billion dollars per day from the People’s Republic of China alone, more dollars that chase less products and make everything more expensive than us all. Hawaii Democrats call themselves the party of the people? Well, I’m not surprised, because they’re all masters of hyperinflation.

Hawaii voters need to send a message to the Democrats that they are out of touch and out of time with the people by using the Primary as a referendum against them. The real “singular achievement” would be for an overwhelming majority of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Independents and non-affiliated voters to intentionally choose the Republican Party ballot as a political statement that the people can elect and defeat at will anyone they wish.

Republicans should shun Case’s call to be dilettantes in selecting Democratic nominees. I can tell you right now that no matter who wins the Democratic Primary, the public still loses no matter what. Mufi Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie will decide amongst each other who will be “Hawaii Democrat enough” to represent their party in November. As for you, the voter, your task is to show the Democrats who is boss – and that’s you and your ohana.

The best Hawaii Democrat is still the worst when it comes to understanding how an economy works, what makes a people free and how to listen to the will of the people. They don’t realize that an abundance of cheap money from Washington doesn’t stimulate jobs or wealth, it only stimulates malinvestment and exotic financial decisions that make the economy worse. They don’t understand that price fixation, market interventions and making new things illegal every year don’t build a better Hawaii, they tear them down.

So if you want to live like a Democrat, you’d best vote Republican on September 18, 2010.
Danny de Gracia is the president of Free and Living Conservative. Contact him at info.falcons@gmail.com.