Hawaiians Are Victims, Let’s Face It-We Don’t Appreciate Your Attitude, But You Are Right on One Thing, The Akaka Bill is a Train Wreck

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Your lament for days past and your shining patriotism for your country are something I can identify with.

I am sure it is also something that total disregard of by other people would really upset you.


I feel the same way, the difference being that my country is the Nation of Hawaii.

It seems ironic, that your opinion piece almost puts forth
an air of victimization brought upon you and others like you by those
nasty, crazy, commie natives.

All of which I am not.

What injustices have you suffered at the hands of the Hawaiian
people? What did you have that they took? Oh … nothing,
yet you choose to lament about how it use to be, at really
no real cost to you.

Yet, you and yours are on the forefront in telling Hawaiians to get over it and stop whining. Your fear-inducing statements about Hawaiians reflect the
fear that you must have, that the “natives” are not behaving
and they are not living up to the stereotype of what you think
of them.

Let’s face it, Hawaiians were victims, and no one
holds you responsible for what happened 112 years ago. What I do hold you responsible for is your arrogant attitude, which perpetuates the injustice towards the host culture of these islands. Just because you
and those of your ilk have selective amnesia, and promote
revisionist history for your own selfish agenda does not mean we all have

Just remember, what you write about, we — Hawaiians lived, and funny, your glorified version of it does not match mine or many others.

Like I stated before Hawaiians were victims, but this time
many have been educated in this western world and we
are learning how to fight back in a western way. Why is
it so hard for you and yours to acknowledge that there
were many terrible things that happened here to Hawaiians,
instead of always wrapping yourself in the American flag
and crowing about all the “wonderful” things that westernization bought to
the Hawaiian people.

change may not happen in my lifetime, but it will come.
Our keiki are being raised to understand their history,
the injustices that happened here, they are finally reaping benefits from
the terrible toll that our kupuna underwent.
There are some things in life that you will have control of and
there are some that you will not, and restoring pride to our
people is one that you and yours will have no control of,
no matter how well funded you are by Corporate

My people are beginning to understand that yes,
they were victimized for land, money and power, but we
are beginning not to act like victims, we need not apologize
for our history and we need not be ashamed the we were shamelessly taken
advantage of for profit.

We are beginning to stand up to all that try to
keep us down, it is still a trickle
now, but one day the flood will come. Oh … and FYI,
I agree with you on one thing, the Akaka bill
is a train wreck. Thank you for helping us shut it down.

U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka may have good intentions regarding the bill,
however all it does is make Hawaiians accountable to
a Department of the United States, that have no interest in

Hawaiians are not Indians, and would you even think to ask a thief
for permission to get back what was yours? I don’t think so.
The silver lining in this “attack” cloud is that, all these attacks against Hawaiians are beginning to help us come together, no
matter what are differences are. So I do need to give you all credit for helping us accomplish this.

Thank God that you do not promote your Web site and “news” paper as fair and balanced … or do you?

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