Hawaii's 9 Most Wanted Sex Offenders-Attorney General Calls on Public for Help

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“Glenn Meyers Centered”

HONOLULU, HI: Glenn T. Meyers sexually assaulted a 14-year-old child in 1991, for which he was convicted of second and third degree sexual assault and criminal trespassing, and sentenced to 2, 10-year prison terms served concurrently.


When the Nanikuli resident was released from prison, his violent streak escalated. On May 29, 2006, Meyers was arrested for Attempted Murder in the Second Degree for allegedly running over his girlfriend with an automobile — she was 8 months pregnant and he targeted her stomach when he attacked her.

When Meyers allegedly tried to kill his girlfriend and unborn child, he was already breaking another state law. Meyers failed to submit new sex registration information since January 2001, even though he is required to update his sex offender records every 90 days or within three days of relocating.

Now in custody at Oahu Community Correctional Center until his trial for Attempted Murder, Meyers was indicted last week by an Oahu Grand Jury along with 9 other men for failure to comply with Hawaii