Hawaii's Bounty Hunter Helps Stranded Family in Las Vegas

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A reality TV show star – Duane Dog Champan and his wife Beth – have come to the aid of a family stranded in Las Vegas.

Patricia Ambrosio and her family flew into Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve to meet up with her Patricia’s husband, but he never showed up, and the family has been stranded here ever since.


The family was staying at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, trying to find a way back home to Alaska. When we aired their story Wednesday morning, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth were watching.

The reality TV couple is in town searching for a fugitive. They called the Wynn Las Vegas, and now, the family has a nice hotel room to stay in.

“I wish I could say a lot more, but all I can say is thank you so much, and God bless you,” said Patricia.

“Very seldom do we get those thank you’s, and I felt good. This might be more gratifying and more rewarding than capturing a fugitive, so it was a great thing,” said Duane “Dog” Chapman.

In addition to what Dog and his wife have done to help, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, the Wynn Las Vegas and other businesses are helping out the family. They now have plane tickets to get back to Alaska.

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