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HONOLULU – The Howard Hughes Corporation® (NYSE: HHC), developers of Ward Village, Honolulu’s urban master-planned community, today launched the Ward Village Foundation with an initial commitment of $1 million. The foundation has been established to support local non-profits and programs that align with the company’s vision and the foundation’s core initiatives of culture, community and environment.

The Ward Village Foundation will serve as a permanent non-profit corporation connected to the company’s efforts to build a bright and vibrant future in Honolulu. The foundation will initially distribute $1 million to worthy non-profits and projects over the next two years.


“We are proud to introduce the Ward Village Foundation, furthering our commitment to improving the quality of life in our community,” said David Striph, Senior Vice President of Hawai’i for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “The Ward Village Foundation will focus on forward-thinking initiatives that honor Hawai’i’s rich history by fostering the community that will help make Ward Village an ideal neighborhood to live, work, learn, shop and play.”

The foundation also announced its first grant recipient, pledging $100,000 to locally-based non-profit Kupu towards the construction of the Kupu Green Jobs Training Center. Through its partnerships with more than 80 public and private organizations, Kupu provides experiential education and life skills development opportunities to help youth and young adults succeed in life and create lifelong community servants. From this facility, Kupu will develop the next generation of local talent to take the helm of the new “green” industries moving in Hawai’i.

“On behalf of Kupu, I would like to commend The Howard Hughes Corporation and Ward Village for making a concerted effort to better the local community,” said John Leong, Executive Director of Kupu. “The establishment of the Ward Village Foundation will make a significant impact on our long-term efforts to equip our youth with the direction and skills to lead our state towards a more sustainable future.”

“Kupu is an outstanding example of an organization that aligns with our foundation’s core values, promoting culture, community and environment through their work training and educating Hawai’i’s youth in sustainable job fields with an emphasis on promoting traditional Hawaiian values,” said Nick Vanderboom, Senior Vice President, Development for The Howard Hughes Corporation.

For more information on the Ward Village Foundation, please visit the website atwww.wardvillagefoundation.org.





  1. Another B.S. PR stunt to cover up transforming Kaakako-Ward to a luxury white only district, while ignoring locals. The community’s has19 organizations under Kakaako United writing to campaign & publicize on a moratorium letter. The letter,, calls for the Governor to take responsibility for HCDAʻs actions, and to listen to major community concerns as
    neither the city nor HCDA addressed these problems before Kaka’ako’s unprecedented construction boom took off.
    It requests a one-year moratorium on HCDA development approvals until completion of: an updated environmental impact study of the additional burden 37 new high rise condos will place on the area infrastructure;
    Parking is already privatized! Go to; https://www.khon2.com/news/kakaako-signs-catch-dri

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