HECO Workers from Ewa and Ewa Beach Should Return to Work to Help Their Neighbors

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BY KYMBERLY MARCOS PINE – I have been on the scene in the Ewa and Ewa Beach area throughout the day.  While the reports early this morning indicated most areas had electricity, parts of West Loch and Ewa are again without power after having it restored for 3 hours.  Some pockets of Ewa By Gentry have never had power restored.

I am asking all IBEW workers from the Ewa and Ewa Beach areas to return to work to help us to resolve this situation.  Your neighbors need your help.


After reviewing all the damage from the downed poles and speaking with workers on the scene, I have become very concerned that the workforce on the scene is not sufficient to take care of this situation.  Workers are exhausted from working very long shifts.  Some told me they worked 17 hours yesterday and are back on the scene again today to work the same number of hours or more.  This is not a safe situation for the workers.

I am continuing to work with the Governor in order to ensure that he does everything necessary to restore power to these areas, including a reconsideration of using his emergency powers if the situation does not improve.