Hirono Team Attacks Job Creating Small Business Organization

Linda Lingle (Photo by Dave Livingston)
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Linda Lingle announces candidacy for U.S. Senate (Photo by Dave Livingston)

BY RETIRED GENERAL ROBERT LEE – In a recent email to supporters, Mazie Hirono’s campaign manager blasted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – the world’s largest business organization with more than 3 million member businesses – for formally endorsing Gov. Lingle’s campaign for U.S. Senate. In her statement, Mazie’s team once again called the organization ‘a powerful right-wing mainland special interest group.’

This charge is disingenuous and even laughable coming from Mazie, considering just a few months ago she proudly touted to the people of Hawaii that the Visit USA Act which she co-sponsored was backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

With jobs and the economy being the most important issue facing our state and nation, the U.S. Chamber is backing a candidate that is focused on the issues and has a plan to get our economy back on the right track.

Meanwhile, Mazie Hirono’s only focus is on personal attacks and the D.C.-style, insider politics she knows so well. Her latest missive is not surprising to the people of Hawaii, as it is simply the latest example of what the public knows already: Mazie puts partisan politics before people.


Mazie believes it is more politically expedient to try and disavow her past expressions of support for this group now that they formally endorse Linda Lingle’s bipartisan record. The people of Hawaii know that Gov. Lingle is the only candidate who is committed to developing bipartisan solutions which will grow Hawaii’s and our nation’s economy.

The choice couldn’t be more clear for the voters of Hawaii: A candidate who blindly follows the dictates of her national party’s agenda and repeatedly recites their misguided personal attacks; or Gov. Linda Lingle who is a courageous, independent leader who always puts Hawaii’s “people first” ahead of blind political party loyalty.


Bob Lee is the campaign manager for Linda Lingle, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and Hawaii’s former Governor





  1. Dear Hawaii Reporter and former General Robert Lee,

    Most intelligent people know that the US Chamber of Commerce is a very conservative organization that invariably supports most Republican candidates for office. They believe those candidates will support their interests, just as most unions and consumer advocates believe that Democratic candidates will support their interests more than most Republican candidates. I don’t have an issue with that and I would never expect them to change their behavior.

    I know you are trying to paint former Gov Lingle as a free thinking independent but her record as governor shows the exact opposite. To me, Gov Lingle failed us as her national office aspirations drove her agenda during her term as our governor. Though, as an independent, I supported her initially, I later grew to regret it. I found that she said one thing during the campaign and acted/behaved differently after she was elected. During the campaigns, as you are attempting to do now to get her elected by a heavily left leaning voting public, you are attempting to paint the Governor as a free-thinking independent who supports President Obama on many issues, but we remember what happened last time. We’re not complete idiots.

    And lets not forget about the failed Superferry debacle. Is that her legacy? How about furlough Fridays?

    That’s what most of us are going to remember .. the facts.

  2. It’d be good for Hawaii to have a Repbublican in the Senate. That way, the state doesn’t get ignored when Romney is president.

    BHO’s days are numbered….just to January 19, 2013, the day before Romney is sworn in.

  3. BHO’s days numbered? Yep, about 1,461 of them go after November. Romney will never be president. The only way the GOP is going to see the inside of the White House is with a tour ticket.

    While I wholeheartedly believe that we desperately need new blood representing us in DC, putting Lingle in would be a disaster for Hawaii. We aren’t that desperate…yet.

  4. Although I agree with the comment that Linda Lingle said one thing, and did something else when she was elected, I would have to say she’s the lesser of two evils. I would say that John Carroll would be the best choice however.

  5. I got an email today from Mazie Hirono suggesting that “We are not a dependant people”… a push for, among other things, wind, solar, and food.. and touts the 5 billion we spend here in Hawaii on energy. For one, we no longer use coal on the Big Island, much cheaper than Fuel Oil and better than Gas, BTU wise. Why are we not using coal? Global warming? Air Pollution? It didn’t affect us on the Big Island and we had truck after truck of independant truckers hauling coal to the Pepeekeo plant while it was in service. Jobs… and Cheap Fuel.

    The other thing that adds to our expense of fuel oil, if I’m not mistaken, is that we are hostage to the Jones Act, which if I’m accurate on the act, doesn’t allow any but American Ships to Haul Oil to Hawaii. These laws are incredibly harmful to the State, costs us billions in extra expense, and raises our cost of living… but you don’t see Mazie fighting for the little guy… nor do you see her supporting our troops in theater… voting against our Hawaii sons and daughters in the Service to advance a point against George Bush and the War… which she could have done on the Floor instead of voting against our troops… many from Hawaii… I must reiterate… and who have sacrificed greatly.

    Small Business and Chamber? She has no concept of business, how could she even know what they amount to? Right Wing? Hello…. most business in Hawaii is probably Democrat… Hello Earth to Mazie…

    Mazie is invested, as the article originally mentioned, in partisan politics and sound byte. Sad really… I’m glad there are those who are challenging her from both the left and the right! We don’t need her.


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