Holding Legislators Accountable in 2003 – Senate

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The following lists the 25 Senators in the Hawaii State Legislature and their votes on key issues affecting the economy, the business climate, taxes and mandates on business, and the size of government.



”Voted to Raise Taxes and Fees”

*NO – Long Term Care Tax Increase (SB 1088)
*YES – 12.5 Percent General Excise Tax Increase (HB 510)
*NO – Adding a New Sales Tax of 1 Percent (SB 1040; HB 1554)
*YES- Adding a New Passenger Facilities Tax (HB 1230)
*YES- Unemployment Compensation Increase (HB 290)
*YES – Adds a $20 fee for children attending public school to use textbooks at the school (HB 32)

”Voted to Raid Special Funds”

*YES- Makes Raiding the Hurricane Relief Fund Interest Permanent (HB 640)

”Voted to Create New Special Funds”

*YES – (HB 320 UH; HB 422 Nursing Center can be raided later without accountability)

”Voted for More Employer Mandates”

*YES – Adds more mandates to employers covering health care costs for employees by including coverage for mental health (SB 1321)
*YES – Mandates Employers Give Certain Meal Breaks to Employees (HB 29)
*YES – Mandates buyers of Hawaii companies with 100 or more employees retain 50 percent of those employees upon the purchase of the company (SB 1)
*YES – Will raise the cost of Unemployment Compensation Tax (HB 968)

”Voted to Increase Government Spending”

*YES – Raises salaries for executive branch (SB 1332)
*YES – Raises salaries for state judges (SB 1333)
*YES – Increases the cost of running the Department of Education by setting up 15 new complexes and adds more state employees (HB 289)
*YES – Raises salaries of school administrators, adds to DOE bureaucracy (HB 1175)
*YES – Funds a study on fixed rail transit (SB 464)

”Voted to Help Business, Boost Economy”

*YES – Hotel and commercial construction tax credit (HB 1400)
*YES – Koolina construction tax credit (SB 377)
*YES – Reform of state procurement system (HB 1253)

”Votes on Governor