Honolulu Transit Study Rigged in Favor of Rail-Time to Set the Record Straight

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If you have been listening closely to the discussion concerning the administration’s transit proposals, you will hear a strong bias for rail over HOT lanes (grade separated managed lanes for high-occupancy vehicles with the extra capacity offered to low occupancy vehicles using congestion pricing to keep the speed at the maximum). This bias is actually part of an intentional plot. The administration rigged the Alternative Analysis so that rail would prevail over HOT lanes.

The consultants for the Alternative Analysis, Parsons Brinckerhoff are national experts in HOT lanes. In 2003, they were the lead consultants for the Federal Highway Administration’s first major publication on HOT lanes (see website below).


Parsons Brinckerhoff could not have designed the HOT lanes described and analyzed in the Alternatives Analysis. How could they, the design was fatally flawed (5 entrances and 1 exit)? It was the administration that provided their consultants with the flawed HOT lanes design. When asked to comment on the design, Parsons said, “the design is flawed”. Therefore, we do not know what kind of HOT lanes Parsons would have designed if they were given freedom to use their expertise.

Every time we hear Mayor Mufi Hannemann, his transportation director, his chief engineer, and his lobbyists say that HOT lanes were studied in the Alternatives Analysis and rail proved to be superior, they are only referring to rigged results.

Let’s clear the smoke and ask Parsons directly, “Is the HOT lane design in the Alternatives Analysis the result of your extensive design expertise, or did the administration provide the design for you? “

HOT lanes are an integral part of the Federal Highway Administration’s “Congestion Reduction Toolbox”. Federal Funds are now available for roads that charge tolls for motor vehicles.

We should take a new look at HOT lanes as part of the preliminary engineering studies in the next twelve months because it hasn’t been done yet, and it is the only solution that can reduce travel time and congestion for all commuters.

Please read the following websites from the Federal Highway Administration to learn how many other communities across the country are using HOT lanes to reduce traffic congestion.








”’John Brizdle, a resident of Oahu, can be reached via email at mailto:jlbriz@gmail.com”’