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I suppose that we should not be surprised with Congressman Case’s response to President Bush’s State of the Union Address. (See: “President’s Rhetoric in State of Union Doesn’t Match Reality Seen Firsthand in Washington”) However some of us in his district hopefully anticipated that he would not be more of the same liberal lip service we received from his predecessor.

Congressman Case lays the groundwork of response by saying, “Like most Americans, I feel a frustrating mix of agreement and disagreement with the President.” Polls have shown that “most” Americans are ”’not”’ a frustrating mix of agreement and disagreement but more agree with President Bush’s job performance and policies than not.


Far more trust President Bush than trust Congress. Most of the “buts” from our Congressional representatives were anticipated and expected.

However, Case’s comment about the budget deficits being the result of tax cuts smacks of sheer partisan whining. Congressional spending has more to do with our deficits than the tax cuts and Congressman Case knows it. I am disappointed by this comment from Case because I know he knows better and I don’t expect to be insulted by such a statement from Congressman Case. He’s a better man than that.

Fact is, our nation’s economy in 2004, according to a recent report by The Conference Board, is expected to be the best in 20 years due, in large part, to President Bush’s tax cuts. Historically, we have never taxed ourselves into prosperity.

We have not had any more terrorist attacks since 9/11 in spite of Case’s opinion that President Bush is “short funding” homeland security. Sometimes results can be achieved by hard work and good planning by competent people instead of just throwing money at a problem, i.e., past policies on public education.

All it takes is good leadership, something this country did not have in the prior administration and is now being recognized by “most Americans”. Congressman Case should know that under President Bush’s leadership, it took less time to find Saddam’s sons than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.

I think Congressman Case needs to return home more often for a reality check. It appears that “reality seen firsthand in Washington” is more like ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’.

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