House Committee on Agriculture to hold briefing on Hawaii’s food safety

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House lawmakers will hold an informational briefing on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, at 9 a.m., to discuss food safety as it concerns and relates to farmers, wholesalers, and retailers in Hawaii.

Presenters will focus on what the Legislature can do in the upcoming 2012 legislative session to strengthen the Department of Agriculture’s food safety and security program.


(The briefing may be viewed on Oahu on Olelo’s channel 49 and live on the Neighbor Islands via HITS.)

Invited presenters include the State Department of Agriculture, State Department of Health, Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association, Hawaii Farmers Union United, Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation, UH-CTAHR, Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association, Hawaii Restaurant Association, and the Market Managers for the Ala Moana/Hawaii Kai/ Haleiwa Farmers’ Markets. 

No public testimony will be accepted.

For more information, call 808-586-6510.






  1. "presenters will focus on what the legislature can do in the upcoming 2012 legislative session to STRENGTHEN the Dept. of agriculture's food safety and security program."….. it appears that the farmers and food outlet industries for some reason are allowing the gov't. to have more control over the private sector. are they becoming special interest groups seeking special favors from the gov't. agency? is this extortion from the state?food wholesalers and retailers and restaurant industries should unite to allow for free open markets with the least amount of bureaucracy.what's going on?

  2. We are what we eat and I believe it. Food nourishes or un-nourishes us and by that thought, I am an avid supporter of organic food over artificial ones. Organic food will help sustain our still growing population. This generation is becoming more conscious about how are our food is created.

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