House Hall of Shame-House Lawmakers Ram Through Legislation That Hurts Hawaii Businesses and Economy, Insults Military, Freedom Loving Americans

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The majority of the 36 Democrats in the 51-member House of Representatives voted to support a number of controversial bills that will be extremely damaging to Hawaii’s economy, business community, and reputation with U.S. military leaders, America’s members of the armed forces and potential investors.


Bad for the economy and business climate, they voted to impose a brand new 1 percent sales tax on goods sold in Hawaii — the first sales tax to be imposed in the state. That is in addition to the 4 percent General Excise Tax consumers already pay on all goods and services, and the tax on tax, or pyramiding, which raises the excise tax on most goods as much as 16 to 20 percent.

They also supported legislation that creates the first-in-the-nation long-term care government subsidized program that attempts to pay for long term care for everyone in the state, not through a private program, but through a new government entity being created much like the failed Social Security program. This plan mandates all people in Hawaii over the age of 25 pay a $10 per month tax (raises to $25 per month over seven years) until they reach the age of 99. Should they live to need long-term care and qualify for it by being vested for 10 years and meeting the physical requirements, they will be allocated $70 per day, a mere fraction of the cost of long-term care. The tax is extended to anyone with business interests or land ownership in Hawaii, whether or not they live in the state — a serious deterrent to anyone considering purchasing real estate or investing in or opening a business.

This is added to the fact that Hawaii already is the fourth highest taxed state in the nation and these bills, if all passed, will easily launch Hawaii to first in terms of tax burdens; and Hawaii is typically rated worst-in-the-nation for its poor business climate.

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But the Democrat majority in the House did not stop with simply economic damage, albeit long term and short term. They also insulted the U.S. Military, a group that keeps Hawaii afloat economically and protects Hawaii’s people from threats foreign and domestic. And they insulted Republicans in Congress, the President of the United States and all freedom loving Americans, when they sent “Aloha” to Saddam in the form of a resolution they sent to the U.S. Congress and the President under the guise of “promoting peace.”

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So who are these lawmakers in the House who have decided to wreak such havoc on Hawaii’s people?

Here is a list of those who voted for both the tax increase proposals and the Aloha to Saddam resolution:

”Voting YES to the two tax increase proposals and the Aloha to Saddam resolution are:”

Democrat Reps. Felipe P. Abinsay, Dennis Arakaki, Jerry Chang, Helene Hale, Eric Hamakawa, Robert Herkes, Kenneth Hiraki, Michael Puamamo Kahikina, Sol P Kaho`ohalahala; Jon Riki Karamatsu, Marilyn Lee, Sylvia Luke, Michael Magaoay, Romy M. Mindo, Bob Nakasone, Scott Y Nishimoto, Blake Oshiro, Marcus Oshiro, Scott Saiki, Calvin Say, Maile Shimabukuro, Joseph M. Souki, Dwight Takamine, Roy Takumi, Tommy Waters.

”Those Democrats who voted for YES both tax increases, but were excused from sending Aloha to Saddam are:”

Democrat Reps. Kirk Caldwell, Kenneth Ito, Ezra Kanoho, Bertha Kawakami, Hermina Morita, Brian Schatz and K. Mark Takai

Note: No Republicans sent Aloha to Saddam on the final floor vote; all Republicans voted NO on the tax increase proposals, except for Rep. Chris Halford, who voted for the long-term care; and Republican Reps. Brian Blundell, Kika Bukoski and Mark Jernigan who voted for the sales tax increase.