HPD Major’s Drug-Dealing Girlfriend To Testify

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BY JIM DOOLEY –New details of the extortion and drug-dealing charges against Honolulu Police Department Major Carlton Nishimura were revealed today in a federal court bail hearing for Nishimura.

After Nishimura was indicted in February on extortion charges, and while he was on leave-with-full-pay status at HPD, he resumed a sexual relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, convicted drug trafficker Doni Mei Imose, Nishimura’s lawyer said.


Nishimura was supposed to have no contact with Imose because she was a prosecution witness against him the extortion case. But Imose contacted Nishimura, gave him a cell phone so they could secretly communicate with each other and then began having sex with him at his Waianae home, prosecution and defense lawyers said.

Imose told Nishimura that she had lied to the grand jury and wanted to help him clear his name, according to Federal Public Defender Peter Wolff, Nishimura’s lawyer.

Prosecutors assert that Imose testified truthfully to the grand jury but lied later to Nishimura and her own lawyer when she claimed to have perjured herself.

Early this month, FBI agents raided Nishimura’s house and seized a half-pound of crystal methamphetamine packaged in five plastic bags, according to FBI Special Agent Daniel Olson.

It is not known what role, if any, Imose played in the FBI raid.

Imose is currently awaiting sentencing for her role in a crystal meth trafficking ring that imported 2-3 pounds of the drug into Hawaii from California.

A co-defendant in that case, who has also pleaded guilty, is Imose’s husband, Jay K. Crisolo.

Nishimura’s lawyer wanted Imose to testify at today’s hearing but said she could not appear because she is attending training in Las Vegas on “medical billing and coding” procedures.

Federal Magistrate-Judge Richard Puglisi delayed a decision on whether Nishimura again qualifies for release on bail until after Imose testifies at a December 15 hearing.

Nishimura had been free on a $50,000 signature bond before the FBI raided his house. Now prosecutors say he should be held without bail because he is a danger to the community.

After the latest arrest, HPD placed NIshimura on leave-without-pay.





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