I stood up to the Scrooge of Macy’s

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BY PABLO WEGESEND I am a part-time employee at Macy’s. I work at the store in Ala Moana, the biggest mall in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Macy’s is a famous retail store with a strong connection to the Christmas holiday. From the “Miracle on 34th Street”, the Thanksgiving parade, holiday seasonal workers, long store hours for the customers and all the Christmas dcorations in the store, it’s a fun and magical place.


Of course, whenever there is fun, there is always someone who wants to ruin the fun.

The Scrooge I will discuss is Michelle Range, one of the mid-level managers who runs some of the women’s clothing departments on the 3rd floor of the store (and yes, I am using REAL NAMES HERE! None of this BS “phony names to protect the guilty” crap from me).

She has a problem with me wearing a (oh my god……. noooooooo!) Santa hat on the job!

Who in their right mind would have a problem with someone wearing a Santa hat at Macy’s?

I’m not the type of guy who goes the nearest person to whine about my problems. I just don’t operate that way. But I will not be silenced.

Santa will not be disrespected like that. No, I dont whine to my co-workers about it. They have nothing to do with it. I just want to distract myself and enjoy their company. But I will bring this up to Mimi and the higher-ups at Macy’s!

I’m taking a stand.