If You Don’t Like the Truth, You are Free to Leave

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”’Response to “Happy Birthday, Hawaii – Some of Us Still Remember””’

Either you have no idea, or you do but you refuse to acknowledge the truth.


Hawaii is not a state. It never was, and it never will be, at least willfully. Regardless of what the truth is, your kind, wishful America-loving thinkers, will always take the position that Hawaii is a state.

It is sad for the profession when a so-called journalist goes to the far reaches of the imagination to twist and revise the truth to fit your wishful America-loving position.

I highly recommend that you work towards increasing your journalistic skills by writing the truth. The truth is documented and readily available — for those who care to know what the truth holds. If you do not like the fact that Hawaii is ”’not”’ a state, there are many states from which you could choose to relocate.

I am not “Anti-American” Malia, most Hawaii Independence supporters are not. The American people I believe are primarily good people, my late father was an American who came from the people that were Americans before the Europeans claimed that they were the Americans. You know, those idiots who thought they landed in India and called the true Americans “those Indian savages.”

These Indian savages were the people that the new Americans from Europe slaughtered, men, women, and children to steal what did not belong to them. This as it turns out has been typical of the United States interaction with so many other peoples from around. The United States wants what someone else has, the natural resources, human resources, and political control of countries, so they simply kill to get what they want. Now this is what I would call savage behavior.

Although I believe that many Americans are good people, those that control the United States government are the evil of the earth. I’m sure that you know this, but you probably refuse to acknowledge this truth as well. Because of journalists like you, most Americans will never know the truth because the truth cannot find the light of day when the pen is in the hand of wishful America-loving thinkers.

For your information, the large majority of Hawaii Independence supporters ”’do not”’ stand with Linda Lingle in her support of the “Akaka Bill.” We stand staunchly ”’opposed,”’ just as our ancestors ”’opposed”’ the evil United States empire’s unsuccessful attempt to lawfully annex Hawaii.

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