In Final Debate, Djou Advocates Independent Leadership for Hawai’i

Charles Djou
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Charles Djou

REPORT FROM DJOU FOR CONGRESS – On issue after issue in their final televised debate, Charles Djou offered a compelling vision of independent leadership for Hawai’i while Colleen Hanabusa spent much of the night defending her record as one of the most partisan members of Congress.

“The center in Congress is rapidly disappearing.  Hawai’i and our country desperately need leaders who are willing to put the common good before political interests.  I was ranked one of the most moderate members of Congress and, if the people of Hawai’i elect me, I pledge to represent them – not a political party,” said Charles.


“When asked about finding common ground, my opponent said ‘I’m not quite sure what you mean by “common ground,”’ and immediately leapt to finding our differences. I believe that’s exactly what’s wrong with Congress today.  We need people willing to move to the center and work together to do what’s best for Hawai’i,” said Charles.

“From job creation to taxes to government spending, I will work with anyone who is willing to be an advocate for Hawai’i.  It’s Hawai’i first and Hawai’i always.  It’s just that simple,” said Charles.

“If you want a candidate who toes their party line and thrives on the partisanship that has poisoned public discourse today, I’m probably not your candidate.  I’m a husband and father who wants to make sure my daughters have just as much opportunity when they grow up as my son does,” said Charles.