Individuals Important in Fully Functional Civil Society

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The Sunday 8/17/03 editorial page of ”’The Honolulu Advertiser”’ included a nice article by Richard Halloran “Not all will be stars, but we can light our corner.”

The thought expressed was centered on the potential importance of each individual in a fully functioning civil society. The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, a non-profit, non-partisan, Hawaii oriented public policy and education organization was formed with that very point in mind. That’s why we are grassroot rather than grassroots. Our main purpose is to evaluate public policy from the standpoint of impact on the individual and his or her autonomy. Without individual freedom to choose and to innovate, we will get less light in everywhere.


Unfortunately, our political leaders and mainstream news media too often want to restrict and confine such individual blooming via top-down laws, rules and regulations. May we suggest that the idea of encouraging spontaneous human initiative be made a part of every editorial board focus.

Hawaii needs more individual candles to be lit and nourished. Our thanks to Richard Halloran, for a great contribution.

”’Richard O. Rowland is president of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and can be reached via email at:”’