Is Calamity Coming to 2nd Gulf?

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BY RICH OLIVASTRO – The United States has serious problems at home and around the world. The problems and predicaments we face as a nation – and as citizens – grow in number and severity.

Domestically, priority problems include: Jobs, Crime and Corruption, Drugs, Immigration, Energy (including the gulf oil spill), Education, Medical Care, the operating costs and overreach of government; and, so much more.


In addition to the borderline – as well as actual – fraud in the financial markets that burst the domestic housing market bubble, the major problems cited here have weighed down the U.S. economy for generations.

Internationally, immediate problem areas include the Middle East, (Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran-Palestine-Syria) North Korea, Cuba and Mexico.

Within 12-18 months, South and Central America will likely become major problems.

Overlaying both arenas is this very real responsibility of government: To protect our nation from attack – by other countries or terrorists infiltrating our country – as well as project force capability in order to defend vital U.S. national interests anywhere.

There are many reasons why all of these cited problems, and others, exist – and persist.

Not the least of which is the incompetence incumbent in national officialdom.

That prompts this thought:

Experience can teach the inexperienced only when the inexperienced is open and willing to learn. Philosophically committed and ego-centric inexperience breeds calamity everywhere.

Perhaps, those personages ensconced in Washington’s nooks and crannies cannot see practical reality due to philosophical blinders.  Or, they might be distracted, even confused, by so many of their own political winks and nods that they have lost count.

Certain, either can cause calamity.

Likely, both are actively searching to find calamity first.

Let’s take a look at a few of the problems.

Domestically, the administration’s fixation on forcing through national health care reform – instead of focusing on the mix of economic factors that have caused high unemployment; and, taking prompt action to remove the numerous burdens on small business that deter job creation – were, and remain, serious political and governing mistakes.

Delay in taking appropriate action seems to typify administration behavior.

Too often, what follows is obfuscation and political steering of decisions and public statements.

That behavior was discussed here last week when we provided two factual examples of how misplaced priorities, at best; or, at worse, a poisonous blend of political arrogance and stupidity turned what was initially an industrial oil spill accident into what is has been described in the media as an environmental disaster.

Making matters worse, we now know that administration officials modified reports submitted by experts after the experts signed the documents they were asked to submit.

That nefarious change was an obvious attempt to convert the recommendations into false justification in order to implement a key element of President Obama’s political agenda:

A six month moratorium on deep-sea drilling.

The impact of the prospective Obama moratorium on Gulf Coast residents: Economic Calamity.

When Federal Judge Martin Feldman granted a “preliminary injunction that prevents the ban from taking effect”, the White House, not to be outdone, swiftly announced “they would appeal”.

Wow – that was quick – and very unusual.

H’mm.  So administration delays – while frequent and numerous – are selective.

That’s interesting.

Also interesting – and correct in our view – was Judge Feldman’s statement that the moratorium was “arbitrary and capricious”.  He added, “The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium.”

Of course, that goes to the core of the administration’s manipulation.

It also begs the questions: Why would anyone order action that could cause economic calamity along America’s Gulf Coast Region?

Here’s the reality:

Political mistakes lose votes.

Governing mistakes lose elections.

The federal government’s politically skewed response to almost all problems boggles the minds of citizens.

Here’s more.

In this instance its international boggling.

Naive in his newness as president, early on Barack Obama insisted that he could talk with U.S. adversaries – even terrorists; that he would convince all to change their ways; and, get them to stop being threats to the United States and our allies.

For example, Obama diplomacy would convince Iran to stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons; and threatening other countries.

What’s the box score now – 18 months of diplomatic innings later?

Iran continues development of its nuclear capability.  The mullahs have increased their capacity for producing fissionable material.  And, during the delay, Iran has tested and deployed several new versions of more accurate missiles with increased ranges and throw-weight capacity.

Whatever President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton might have been doing with Iran over the last 18 months might be called “diplomacy”.  But, without the word ‘ineffective’ added to it, such a description would be incomplete and therefore inaccurate.

Here’s the current reality:

As a result of the administration’s ‘ineffective diplomacy’, a second U. S. aircraft carrier has been dispatched to join the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower already in Iranian waters.  The USS Harry S. Truman led Carrier Strike Group 10 departed Norfolk on May 21st. It should arrive this week.

Meanwhile, the German warship FGS Hessen is on the scene operating under American command.

Ready for more… reality?

By early August, at least 2 – and possibly 3 – more US aircraft carriers will be visible from Iranian shores.

Here’s the mind-boggling implication:

Because the president delayed 18 months before deciding to project U.S. force, the Iranians were given time to prepare… acquire, develop and test the Velayat 89 long-range missile.

That means the Iranians could strike US aircraft carriers and Allies ships from Iranian shores and submarines.

There is a lesson here for all Americans.

Delay in understanding this lesson is not an option.

Richard Olivastro is president of Olivastro Communications, a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and founder of Citizens For Change ( He can be reached via email: ; telephone: 877.RichSpeaks. Checkout his blog: