Island-wide grocery delivery service is a new reality.

Honolulu (courtesy of
Honolulu (courtesy of
Honolulu (courtesy of

Already well established since 2010 with guests at Disney’s Aulani, Hilton Grand Vacations, Aston Hotels & Resorts, Aqua Hospitality and Ohana Hotels and more, entrepreneur Mike Eberle is expanding to serve all of Oahu in a major push to provide all residents and businesses with first class grocery delivery services.

Oahu Grocery Service is poised to make this leap in partnership with Charley’s Taxi, which has been Oahu’s leader in transportation services since 1938.

Mr. Eberle saw a need for island-wide service after requests on behalf of elderly residents increased. “We’re doing great delivering for the visitor industry and this market kind of identified itself. Now, with Charley’s Taxi as our wheels, we can cover all of Oahu with the same great service that visitors have loved since 2010,” said Mr. Eberle.

Residents and businesses will be able to call on Oahu Grocery Service for deliveries from their preferred stores, membership discounts included, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the company will donate $3.00 to the Hawaii Food Bank for every order.




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