Jim Rath: Hawaii County Council District 8 Candidate

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Name: Jim Rath

Current job: Construction Project Manager


Residence, how long you’ve lived in the district: 25 years

Background that qualifies you for the position: Former County Councilman and former State Rep

What else have you run for? Have you been in public office before and if so, what position?

What are the biggest issue in your district and your proposed solutions? Lack of infrastructure and tax increases.  My solution to the lack of infrastructure is a Concurrency Ordnance and Impact Fee Ordinance, with the Impact Fee triggered by subdivision approval, with all other property grandfathered.

What is your position on county taxes and fees? Are they high enough or should they continue to increase? When last on the Council (92 to 96) I fought for and got the property tax rate decreased from $8.00 per K to $4.45, a 47% reduction WITHOUT raising other taxes or fees.

Would you sign a pledge not to raise taxes in the future by introducing legislation or supporting legislation that raises taxes? I have and would again sign a pledge not to raise taxes.

Please share the most interesting thing about yourself.

My novel “AMERICAN ANARCHY” was published by Cornerstone Publishing, got rave reviews and is doing well!

If you could ask any of your competitors one question, what would you ask and to who?

I’ve no questions of my opponents.


I have not sought any endorsements.

Contact information :

Phone: Cell : 937-4171  Home : 325-5122

E-mail: jrath@hawaii.rr.com


73-1127 Ahikawa St. Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Web site address: N/A

Campaign Slogan or Theme: