Joe the Builder Poised to Ride the Tea Party Express to the General Election


Joe “the Builder” Pandolfe is coming in strong to Primary day this Saturday, September 18 where he hopes to win the Republican ticket for Senate seat 25 with a strong message of fiscal and government responsibility.

A small business owner, and admittedly not a politician, Joe “the Builder” Pandolfe anticipates the people of Hawaii will mirror the sentiments of many in the nation who have been swept up by the Tea Party Express.

Tired of politics as usual, more and more concerned citizens are stepping forward in support of candidates who advocate for less government and lower, more responsible taxes. Fiscal responsibility is the resounding battle cry for Tea Partiers, as the Obama administration rolls out stimulus after stimulus with no sustainable future.

Tea Party supporters have been the impetus behind candidates such as Christine O’Donnell of Deleware, Joe Miller of Alaska, and Sharron Angle of Nevada. All three Senate candidates won the Republican primary, upsetting the system and sending a clear anti-establishment message to Washington.

Joe “the Builder’s” motto is “Building a Better Hawaii”. If elected, he will fight against higher taxes, work to improve the public education system, and oppose special interest groups which drive up the cost of living—building a better Hawaii for all the citizens of Hawaii.