Journalist Who Supposedly Flipped off Obama When Reporting on his APEC Statements is Fired; Outdoor Circle Jumps Aboard Anti-Rail Campaign; Heroic Hawaii Journalist Saves Accident Victim

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Russian Journalist Who Supposedly Flipped off Obama When Reporting on his APEC Statements is Fired

You may have heard about the now world famous Russian television journalist who supposedly flipped off President Barack Obama when she reported on the statements he made during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference here in Hawaii.


As the London Daily Mail said, the award winning newscaster Tatyana Limanova made quite a statement when she raised her middle finger as she reported on Obama and APEC in front of 120 million viewers.

Or did she?

The management at the privately owned Russian television channel REN TV said that the journalist did not know she was live on the air and actually was flipping off the cameramen.

But the statement, which is reprinted in Forbes, also said: “This does not diminish her guilt and cannot be considered an excuse. The REN TV management views this action as the gravest violation of on-air discipline and a demonstration of unprofessionalism.”

After worldwide attention and speculation that the journalist’s actions accurately portrayed the Russian President’s feelings about Obama, the journalist was fired on Thursday.

Outdoor Circle Jumps Aboard Anti-Rail Campaign

Better late than never – or that is what rail opponents said when the Outdoor Circle finally formalized its opposition to rail last week.

The widely respected organization issued a statement saying:

“In our 100 year history The Outdoor Circle has seen no other venture that holds the potential to degrade the landscape of Oahu as the proposed Honolulu Rail Transit project. …

“For more than five years, at every opportunity, we have urged the City to explain how it will mitigate Transit’s horrific visual damage to this island as well as the degradation to neighborhoods and communities along the route of this six billion dollar project. …

“The project is destined to become an ugly scar across one of the most beautiful places on earth while there is little evidence that it will bring relief to Oahu’s unacceptable traffic situation.”

Heroic Hawaii Journalist Saves Accident Victim

Heroics by a Hawaii video-journalist with Hawaii News Now should not go unnoticed.

On Friday, Alan “AJ” Johnson pulled a man out of a burning car on the H-1 freeway just before the car was completely engulfed in flames.

Johnson happened to be driving around midnight by after filming another story.

The driver, who crashed the car into a guard rail after a tire blew out, apparently ran off without helping his passenger out of the burning vehicle.

Another woman motorist also pulled over to help comfort the injured passenger, Hawaii News Now reported.