Kailua Fireworks Group Seeks Support from Businesses, Residents, for 4th of July Show

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KAILUA, HAWAII– It is a 64 year tradition for the close-knit community in Kailua, Oahu. First the 4th of July parade, then a day at the beach, followed by a spectacular fireworks show at 8 p.m. over Kailua bay.

But the fireworks show does not happen magically. In fact, in 2009, the tradition was nearly broken.


“In 2009, we found out that there would be no fireworks on Kailua Bay.  Like everyone else in Kailua, we assumed that the fireworks ‘just happened,’ Or were paid for by the Chamber. We found out that was not true.  Although lots of people said it couldn’t be done, a small group of volunteers brought their professional skills to the table to make sure the fireworks happened.  We accomplished this feat in less than three weeks,” explains Gramann.

In 2010, she said the group came together again, and the merchants and citizens of Kailua joined together for a magnificent fireworks display on Kailua Bay.

This year, a few dedicated volunteers in the Kailua Fireworks Group, and local business sponsors have continued the tradition to ensure the show goes off without a hitch. The fundraising for Kailua Fireworks has started.

The Kailua Fireworks Group will have all of the permits in place and is in the process of raising money, but it is up to the businesses and residents to help fund the show.

The Fireworks event costs around $60,000 to put on. So far, the group has collected $19,550 to date and needs to raise $40,450 for the cost of the fireworks, road equipment and signage for the day before and day of the event, off duty police officers, and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the event.

“To really kickoff the summer, Kailua counts on the 4th of July parade and the 4th of July fireworks,” said Brook Gramann, Kailua Fireworks volunteer coordinator. “The Chamber handles the parade … and it’s up to the community — the businesses where we shop everyday and the residents themselves —to raise the money for the fireworks. We are so thankful to the companies who have donated to the community so far.”

Donation boxes will be in place at all merchants in Kailua beginning next week. Companies and individual citizens can also mail in contributions- and donations can also be made online at www.kailuafireworks.com.

The Fireworks company the last two years has donated extra fireworks to increase the show’s intensity and length.

In addition to the residents and visitors in Kailua, it’s estimated that more than 10,000 people come into the Kailua community to enjoy the fireworks show every year.


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Checks should be made out to SBH and please note on check: Kailua Fireworks. Checks can be mailed to Kailua Fireworks, 600 Kailua Road No. 119, Kailua, Hawaii 96734

PATRIOT $5,000- $7,500
Castle Medical Center $6,000
John King, All Pool and Spa $5,000

STARS ‘n STRIPES $2,000- $5,000
Foodland Stores $3,000
Kaneohe Ranch and Castle Foundation $2,000
Kalapawai Market and Café $2,000

USA $1,000- $2,000
Meadow Gold $1,000

Whole Foods $500
Lanikai Bath and Body $500

Star Supporters
Dani and Steven McCarthy $50