Kailua Fireworks Update: $48,000 Left to Raise in 30 Days

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KAILUA, HAWAII –  On Saturday, June 4th, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., The Kailua Fireworks Committee will be giving away Free Shave Ice to celebrate the official kick off of the effort to Make 4th Of July Fireworks On Kailua Bay A Reality. {Weather permitting}

“Independence Day is 30 days out. We’d hoped this year might be different and that by now more money would’ve been raised for Kailua’s 4th of July celebration,” explains Brook Gramann, Kailua Fireworks coordinator. “And that by starting early we’d have a head start on fundraising and frankly not have to go into the Save the Fireworks mode this year.”


Gramann adds “We’d hoped too that several of the new businesses in Kailua would join local businesses who have been long-time supporters of this event.

“Clear Channel Communications has been very generous in providing radio advertising trade equal to the amount donated by any of the companies,” says Gramann. “It’s a great opportunity for companies who advertise to give to the community. It’s a win –win.”

Castle Medical Center, All Pool and Spa, Foodland, Kalapawai and Meadow Gold are long time contributors to the Kailua Fireworks effort and are taking advantage of the advertising trade.  And Gramann says that almost a hundred small businesses in Kailua have agreed to participate in a new fundraising venture the organization hopes to help raise funds every year, beginning this year.

“It’s called the Kailua Fireworks Coupon Book and will include more than $4,000 worth of offers from restaurants, retail establishments, activities and more in Kailua,” says Gramann. “It’s the entertainment book for Kailua- a fantastic value.”

Cost for the Kailua Fireworks Coupon book is $20, with proceeds going to help fund the annual show. The Fireworks committee is counting on citizens to buy the book to support the fireworks effort and hoping too that Kailua businesses consider buying the books for their employees.

The Kailua Fireworks coupon book will be on sale beginning June 11th at select Kailua retailers and online at www.kailuafireworks.com.

The Kailua Fireworks Group has all of the permits in place. The show is scheduled to take place on Monday, July 4th at 8 pm. Pilots Clint Churchill and Hank Buckner will be back with the Airshow at 6 pm.

Giving away free shave ice 30 days before the 4th is the Kailua Fireworks Committee’s way of raising awareness that the ice is free but the fireworks aren’t.   They need your help.   For more information or to donate go to www.kailuafireworks.com

Highs and Lows


Airshow is on again at 6 pm 4th of July

Kama`aina Kids donates $676.83 – all the proceeds from their I Love Kailua event

Kailua Coupon book is chance to create a sustaining program for 4th of July event in Kailua.


A Fireworks collection box at a local merchant is stolen.

Still $48,000 to raise with 30 days to go.





  1. Waste of money in this economy, money raised should go to BENEFITING Kailua, such as helping others.

    Give it the homeless, help them, do something instead of shooting it up to the sky.

    There is a lot that could be done with such a huge sum of money! What a waste this is.

  2. Kailua fireworks tradition has been around for more than 60 years. It is a huge community celebration of this country’s birthday not just fireworks being shot off. Thousands of people gather with family and friends for the morning parade and stay the day at the beach waiting of the airplane show and fireworks celebration. This means a great deal to a lot of people. For Kailua, it also keeps people in their neighborhood instead of driving on the 4th of July, which can be dangerous. About 10.000 people come with their kids. I myself went with my grandmother and parents and now take my kids. We don’t consider those memories as a family, that time with friends or the celebration of our country as a community as a waste.

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