Kauai Best North Shore Yoga Studios and Retreat Properties

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By Cate McCann Fleming, REALTOR (S) – Kauai’s reputation as a place for healing attracts numerous people who come for nurturing, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. This is especially true on the North Shore, where one can find virtually every type of treatment possible.



Yes, my 4 year-old Lea enjoys being pampered

From traditional Chinese acupuncture to luxury five-star spas, you name it and it’s probably here. In fact, my brothers have an ongoing joke that everyone you meet here is either a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, or a Realtor. (And if I ever got licensed for massage, then I would be all 3!) And I would never hear the end of it from the brothers…ah! Sibling love…

2 Best Kauai North Shore Yoga Studios

For yoga lovers like myself, there are tons of options…but for time and space purposes, I will share with you my 2 favorite north shore studios. I have had the pleasure of teaching at both studios, and I love sharing all I have been taught by these two beautiful yoginis. Whether a total beginner or a seasoned practitioner, young, old, healthy, or injured, come breathe, stretch, and relax!

Pregnant yoga on Maui's famous road to Hana

Pregnant yoga on Maui’s famous road to Hana

Yoga Hanalei

In Hanalei, my favorite studio is Yoga Hanalei, which has a full schedule of classes for all levels. Director Bhavani Maki has been a long time teacher of mine, and her training has taught me to love the practice and the journey.

Her roots are deep in Ashtanga, although her classes deviate from the traditional series into her own intense, alignment-rich style, throughout which she offers her profound insights on life with an educated sense of humor. Her understanding of the body amazes me, not to mention the transforming adjustments. She also offers intensive teacher trainings, and I have done both Level 1 and 2. Highly recommended!

Metamorphose Yoga

In Kilauea, my favorite place is a new studio called Metamorphose Yoga, also offering a variety of classes. My friend, Carol Drumeyer, who taught at the Common Ground for a long time, has created a beautiful Bali-inspired space in the historic stone building near the Healthy Hut. Her classes are a gentle flow style full of laughter (or tears) and draws students of all ages. As a bodyworker, Carol also has an amazing touch and her adjustments are truly revealing.

Both Bhavani and Carol are very near and dear to me, and a class in either studio is a memorable experience. And if you do not want a strong class, they both offer evening restorative classes suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Mommy and Me yoga at Metamorphose

“Baby and Me” yoga at Metamorphose

Private Kauai Yoga Retreat Properties

If attending a community class is not your style and you would rather have a private teacher, or better yet, host a yoga retreat, Kauai’s inventory of epic properties will be sure to please! (Thank you Mother Nature, for giving Kauai so much of your beauty!) Here are 3 awe-inspiring properties for sale that bring out the inner yogi, from the Asian influenced designs to the incredible views!

1. Kalihiwai Bluff Home (MLS# 252695)

Kalihiwai Bluff Home

2. Luxury Anini Estate (MLS# 255971)

Sweeping views of Anini and Kalihiwai

Sweeping views of Anini and Kalihiwai

3. The Luxurious Bali Estate (MLS# 240120)

The luxurious Bali Estate

Vacation Rental for Hosting a Kauai Yoga Retreat

OR for hosting a yoga retreat on Kauai, this spectacular vacation rental with Secret Beach access is ideal for a group.

Dali Hale Secret Beach Estate

Dali Hale Secret Beach Estate

***For more on other yoga styles and classes, feel free to message me. I am full of yoga info and love sharing the practice!







  1. Her classes are a gentle flow style full of laughter (or tears) and draws students of all ages. As a bodyworker, Carol also has an amazing touch and her adjustments are truly revealing.

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