Kauai Mayor Carvalho Lobbies Legislature on Opening Day

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Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho

REPORT FROM KAUAI COUNTY – HONOLULU – Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr. provided testimony today during a hearing of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and at a hearing of the House Finance Committee.

The mayor opened his remarks with a snapshot of Kaua‘i’s continued economic recovery that included a significant increase in film production, a rise in single-family home and condominium sales, a bump in visitor arrivals and a reduction in unemployment.


He then went on to describe the three principles that have guided the county’s fiscal management decisions throughout the current fiscal year:

             Reduce operational expenditures to the greatest degree possible, while maintaining core principles.

             Adjust tax rates and fees so that they are in line with present-day realities and state averages.

             Limit new initiatives and focus on fixing and repairing our existing parks, roads and facilities, and making county government more user-friendly.

Despite efforts to reduce operating costs while raising taxes and fees, the mayor noted that the county still faces challenges, particularly with fixed cost increases such as payroll.

The mayor also touched upon the 2014 Kaua‘i County Legislative Package and the Hawai‘i Council of Mayors’ proposal regarding the state’s GET.

To access the mayor’s testimony in its entirety, please go to the What’s New section of the county’s website, www.kauai.gov.