Koko Head Stables Back in Action


Representative Gene Ward (R-Hawaii Kai – Kalama Valley) was pleased to learn that the Hawaii Kai Koko Head stables will continue to be a part of the Hawaii Kai community. Congratulations to Dr. Emogene Yoshimura for winning the bid again. “We are happy to see that the Paniolo Heritage she brings to our community will be sustained” Ward said.


HorseMany constituents of Hawaii Kai invested time and effort into trying to save these stables. There were several members and attendees of the February Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board meeting that have fond memories of the stables. The preservation of the land, horses, and caretakers has been a success.


The City and County Department of Budget and Fiscal Services is currently working on a concession agreement for the stables. When an agreement is reached, the City will meet with the caretaker and discuss the terms of the new agreement.

rider“Protecting places that have been in our town for generations is one way that we can preserve a little piece of our history in Hawaii Kai. We are thankful that the citizens and Keiki of Hawaii Kai still have access to the Koko Head Stables.” Ward concluded.




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