LA Times: Lonely times for Hawaii’s Republicans-The state has voted consistently Democratic since statehood, and it’s only gotten worse for the GOP since Barack Obama was elected president. But a few Republicans are putting up a fight.

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Reporting from Honolulu – Julia Allen and her husband Mike Palcic — or “Big Cheese,” as he’s called on his business card — have run for office on Oahu on the Republican ticket more than 10 times.

Forget the fact that neither has ever won. They’re determined to keep running for office in one of the most left-leaning states in the union.


“I only lose if I quit,” said Allen, who received one-fifth of the vote in her 2008 race for state representative of the 20th District of Oahu. She spent months banging on doors, asking neighbors for votes, but people weren’t much interested — her opponent was the speaker of the Hawaii House of Representatives.

These are wearisome days to be a Republican in Hawaii. The state has voted consistently Democratic since statehood, but now that Hawaii is home state to the country’s president, the Republican Party’s meager presence seems to be drizzling down to nothing.

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