Linda Lingle is the Best Governor in the World-Hawaii Reporter Sucks for Reporting Otherwise

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In response to Malia Zimmerman’s “Political Tittle-tattle: News and Entertainment from Hawaii’s Political Arena – July 18, 2005” I really must ask Malia, “Are you a professional reporter or still one of those gossipy girls on the playground that indulges in fabricating stories to spread as rumors?” It’s becoming apparent, that the latter is the truth, as Malia attempts to spread her conspiracy theories about Gov. Lingle.

For one, instead of hiding behind obscurities like “says one
Republican who works in the U.S. capitol” you should name them in a
transparent and honest reporting manner.


Secondly, governor’s “frequent appearances” in D.C. number only two:
once in January for the National Governor’s Association Conference
(at which time she also testified on the Akaka Bill) and then now, to
not only support the Akaka Bill, but to also meet with BRAC,
resulting in a decision to continue operations at Pearl Harbor Naval
Shipyard for the benefit of our state and nation.

Speaking of Pearl Harbor, Malia is right about one thing: “Pearl
Harbor is not even on the list of military facilities targeted for
closures.” That’s the whole point, Malia. Gov. Lingle’s lobbying
efforts were focused on keeping Pearl Harbor off the list of bases
being considered for closure or realignment by the BRAC Commission.
Isn’t it great to have a governor who is pro-active and not just
re-active? Furthermore, the vote to keep Pearl Harbor off the list
was not a landslide, but a narrow victory, by 5-4. But I suppose
Malia would say that was staged as well.

Concerning the Akaka bill, Malia believes Gov. Lingle is
conspiring to further her career aspirations in Congress or the White
House through supporting this bill in D.C., even though the governor
has made it clear that she will run for a second term as governor and
she has no interest in a career in Washington. Why is it so hard to
conceive that Gov. Lingle supports this bill because she believes
it is the legal, moral and right thing to do for the Native Hawaiian
people? Perhaps because Gov. Lingle’s support has been so
incredible to pushing the bill forward. You know Malia, some things
that seem too good, can be true.

For the past 6 years, the Akaka bill has been collecting dust on the
committee shelves. Then Gov. Lingle came on board with her
support and active involvement. In a January meeting with Sen.
McCain (R), chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee and the
staunchest opponent of the bill, governor persuaded him to let the
bill out of committee. On March 9, it passed out of committee,
unanimously without objection. Furthermore, five other Republican
Senators — Coleman, Murkowski, Graham, Smith and Stevens — have
signed on as co-sponsors of the bill. But instead of praising
Governor Lingle for rising above party politics and aligning our
Democratic Delegation with Republican support for the bill, Malia
Zimmerman denounces Gov. Lingle’s actions as “slimy and
suspicious,” an attempt for further career aspirations in the U.S.

Malia’s “evidence” of governor’s hidden agenda was: “Gov. Lingle
could change her mind about running for governor, just as easily as
she broke her promise not to raise taxes and to veto the General
Excise Tax bill.” I seem to remember a different governor, one who
has been clear, honest and consistent on every issue for the past 25
years of public service, especially on the abovementioned issues.
The GET bill, HB 1309, is not a tax increase and governor decided not
to veto the bill only after receiving written assurances from Senate
President Robert Bunda and House Speaker Calvin Say that they would
introduce legislation in the 2006 session to revise the sections of
HB1309 to have the counties be responsible for the assessment and
collection of the tax.

As for the 2004 elections, Malia’s accusation that governor did not
focus enough attention on Hawaii Republican candidates is yet
another piece of fiction. The governor was personally involved in
every candidate’s race who sought her support. She waved signs,
walked door-to-door throughout neighborhoods, and called potential
voters. Governor’s mere 4 days on the mainland attending the
Presidential debate and campaigning for President Bush in no way
detracted from the local races back home.

You only have to look into the issues correctly to understand them.
I would think a professional reporter would do at least that.

”’Jennifer Rulon is from Kailua.”’

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