Lingle Campaign: University of Hawaii Professional Assembly Plays Dirty Politics

Mazie Hirono, Linda Lingle, Ed Case
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Mazie Hirono, Linda Lingle, Ed Case

REPORT FROM THE LINDA LINGLE’S US SENATE CAMPAIGN – Two University of Hawaii students today labeled television and radio ads and direct mail by the organization representing professors “dishonest” and “dirty political games.”

“The University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) has spent $250,000 in what they claim is advocacy for Ed Case. In reality, their tactics amount to a negative smear campaign targeted at Governor Linda Lingle,” said Deputy Campaign Manager & Communications Director Lenny Klompus.
“At a time when college tuition and student loans are top of mind, UHPA should be focused on these important issues, instead of embracing DC-style politics – the same kind of political games that their chosen candidate, Ed Case, claims he will not participate in. I’m sure the faculty could use another $250,000 in their paychecks, and students would welcome the $250,000 to help offset the cost of tuition. It’s obvious that UHPA’s leadership is more interested in spending its membership dues on sophomoric political smears than on improving the interests of its members who contribute 1% of their salary to the organization,” Klompus added.
“UHPA claims Linda Lingle has changed. The fact is, Governor Lingle is the same steady, common sense leader we have known for the past 30 years. The only thing that has changed is the attitude and direction of the UHPA leadership,” said Bob Lee, a UH Distinguished Alumnus and campaign manager for the Linda Lingle Senate Committee.
“The Governor worked hand in hand with UHPA to provide a transparent and fair contract. Has UHPA forgotten that in 2004 Governor Lingle forged a six-year contract, the longest in state history, that included pay raises every year? This contract was welcomed by UHPA, allowing them to retain faculty, and stay focused on the task at hand: educating Hawaii’s students,” Lee added.
Corrie Heck, a current Executive MBA student at University of Hawaii said, “After having many political conversations with my professors, it is clear that UHPA’s actions are not representative of their members. Professors advocate for fair, honest discussions of the issues. They teach their students to evaluate arguments with a balanced perspective. UHPA’s overwhelmingly partisan, dirty political games run counter to the motivations of the UH faculty.”
“I can’t believe the kind of dishonest, politically slanted material the University faculty is dispersing. I recently saw an altered photo of Governor Lingle, put out by UHPA that was simply appalling,” said UH undergrad student Kainoa Castillo. “Dirty political tricks like this will certainly make me think twice about the motives of this organization, which is supposed to represent people I learn from everyday. Like most of my friends, we’re now more convinced than ever that Linda Lingle is the clear choice for U.S. Senator.”
“They have embarrassed themselves and the University, and we ask UHPA to stop it’s Mainland-style political tactics,” Lee and the students concluded.