Lingle: Hyper-partisan PAC Backs Hirono in US Senate Campaign

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Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle

REPORT FROM LINGLE’S US SENATE CAMPAIGN – The Majority PAC, a national Democrat political hit group focused solely on maintaining control of the U.S. Senate, has dropped tens of thousands of dollars in television ads in an attempt to sway the election for Hawaii’s open U.S. Senate seat.
“This will make the fifth group that has come into Hawaii on Hirono’s behalf, slinging negative attack ads as a last-ditch effort to prop her campaign up in the final four days. When a candidate like Hirono has no record to run on, she must attack accomplished leaders like Linda Lingle at all costs,” said Campaign Manager Bob Lee.

“It’s very obvious that Hirono’s campaign and her mainland operatives see the same polling numbers we do: that the U.S. Senate race is a statistical dead heat. Hirono has painted her campaign as a bastion of local, grassroots support. However, when she welcomes extremely partisan mainland PACs into our State at the last minute to fuel her one-party advertising message, her actions speak louder than words.  The truth is Hirono’s campaign is fueled by hyper-partisan PACs who are focused exclusively on their political party keeping control,” Lee added.


“Hirono and her partisan mainland operatives view Hawaii’s U.S. Senate seat as one pawn in a national political party strategy.  However, Linda Lingle views this election and the opportunity to serve in the U.S. Senate as a chance to do what is right for the people of Hawaii, not for her political party,” Lee concluded.





  1. You gotta be kidding….Lingle's PACs are dumping many, many dollars here for exactly what you and she are upset about with Mazie. This is funny and so indicative of the fallacious and downright ridiculous logic used by your ilk…Please for the sake of sanity and compassion…WAKE UP!!…Linda Lingle is NOT from Hawai'i. Her social policies have left the "underclass" is very dire conditions. The bureaucracy for Human Services has been decimated…Supporters of Linda Lingle for Senate are either like minded with her or are being incredibly fooled…She is not bi-partisan…she can't be…why the heck do you think Sen. Snow resigned…

  2. lol .. this is so funny. Linda Lingle's campaign complaining about out of state funds "pouring" in.

    Maybe you should devote an hour or two of the Linda Lingle cable channel to the topic?

    Yes, we do know who you are!

  3. oh yeah .. a statistical dead heat. We're going to show you what that looks like on Tuesday!


  4. Hirono is a racist. Pure and simple. Her commercials are directed at idiots. People with the mentality of a child.

  5. I'm with ledfinger. The debates were absolutely no contest. Mazie would be wise to avoid them at all costs in future campaigns. Even some of my friends who are hardcore democrats are having a hard time justifying a vote for Mazie. They can see that Linda has much greater potential as a Senator, but they will most likely vote for Mazie out of habit. Sad.

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