Active Hope, The Work That Reconnects

A Workshop for Activists and Healers


No matter how hard we try to be optimistic, an endless flow of challenges and world events can leave us feeling hopeless, depleted, apathetic, or cynical. Through personal reflection, dialogue, inspirational readings, group exercises, and music, we will honor our pain for the world, enhance our sense of inter-connectedness, and renew our commitment to making a difference in our beautiful, troubled world.

Active Hope, the work that Reconnects, is a two day workshop on 6,7 August, 2016. The presenters, Anne Symens-Bucher and Lizabeth Kashinsky, will create a safe space for respite and renewal for the participants to discover inner strength and resilience to meet the challenges of our time. Based on the internationally known work of eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, for the first time in Honolulu, the experiential workshop will enable you to see with new eyes solutions to the problems and crises we face today.

“[Joanna Macy] is one of the most important and seminal thinkers in the world at the moment. ” Rob Hopkins, Co-founder of Transition Network and author of “The Transition Handbook: from oil dependence to local resilience”

Space is limited, time is short, so reserve your place today. For more details, please message Lizabeth Kashinsky, via the facebook link below or write to Cost is sliding scale $60-$80 total for both days. Must be able to attend both days. facebook page for the event is here

Day 1, Saturday, August 6, will be at Bodhi Tree Dharma Center, 654A Judd St. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Day 2, Sunday, August 7, will be just down the road at 349 Judd St. from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

“Dr. Joanna Macy is a scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology; she has been a visionary force in environmental activism for over five decades. Her groundbreaking work, The Work That Reconnects, draws from spiritual traditions, general systems theory, and deep ecology to inspire a transition to sustainable human culture.”


Anne Symens-Bucher was first introduced to the work of Joanna Macy in 1984. Through a close working relationship with Joanna over the past ten years, including as her Executive Assistant, Anne has gained a deep understanding of the Work That Reconnects and has fully embraced its tenets in her own work as an activist and community leader. Anne has been involved in work for justice, peace, nuclear disarmament, nonviolence, and ecological sustainability for 40 years and is the visionary founder of Canticle Farm in East Oakland, California. Anne and her husband Terry are the parents of five children and live at Canticle Farm where they are deeply engaged in the Work That Reconnects.

Lizabeth Kashinsky discovered Joanna Macyʻs work in 2008 and was drawn to it at the time, yet, it was not until she was researching environmental grief while earning a MA in eco-psychology at Naropa University, that she realized the essential importance of Joanna’s teachings. Since then, Joanna Macy has become one of her most important teachers. Lizabeth has studied with Joanna directly and is on a mission to share The Work that Reconnects with others at every opportunity, including in her work teaching yoga and eco-psychology. Lizabeth is passionate about conservation and has been working to protect Hawaiiʻs rare and endangered plants and animals since 1995.

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