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Helemano Farms
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Helemano Farms

REPORT FRM HELEMANO FARMS — Helemano Farms, local grower of thousands of Christmas Trees in Central Oahu, is open for the holidays and selling thick, evergreen Leyland Cypress Christmas trees as well as traditional and gorgeous Norfolk Pines.

Helemano Farms LLC is a family business, which started in 2002 as a retirement project of Hawaii agriculture executive Mike O’Brien. During the holidays when Mike was a child in California, he and his family would go to a farm to pick their Christmas tree. Years later, Mike decided Hawaii should have a Christmas tree farm for families.


With the help of his son, Aaron, and one worker, Mike began planting Norfolk pine trees in Whitmore Village.

Mike ultimately planted more than 15,000 Norfolk trees.

Sadly, Mike passed away before seeing families at the farm at Christmas. Mike’s family continues to run the tree farm every Christmas in his memory.

Norfolk Pines begin at $40 for up to a 6 foot tree and the trees can go as high as 14 feet.

The Norfolk trees grow back from the stump after they are cut down.

Leyland Cypress trees, which have a natural pine scent, start at $60 for a 6-foot tree and the trees are available up to 12 feet high.

Helemano Farms, located on Whitmore Avenue in Wahiawa, is open every day from noon to sunset on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to sunset on weekends.


The farm workers cut, wrap and load all trees for customers free of charge.

Helemano Farms will close for the season two days before Christmas 2010.





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