Mastering Political Speak; Gas Pains; Buy ‘em Danno; Gabbard, Kidani as Hawaii Foodbank Champions, Hawaii Tie to Dalai Lama

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Stanley Chang

Mastering Political Speak


Honolulu City Council Member Stanley Chang, District 4, told two neighborhood boards in his East Oahu district this month that he is opposed to the proposed tax increase to the city’s gasoline tax. The tax is set to rise by 6 cents over the next three years.

The only problem with that story is Chang voted for the tax increase earlier this month.

As reported by Hawaii Reporter, Chang was one of seven council members who voted for the tax hike on the second reading.

The third and final reading will be at the next council hearing. The only two council members to oppose the tax hike were Ikaika Anderson and Tom Berg.

Neighborhood board members, who are opposed to the tax, didn’t press Chang further to ask him how he actually voted – they just assumed he voted against the measure since he said he opposed it.

Gas Pains

The nation’s average gas price broke a record this week at $3.98 a gallon and there is no relief in sight.

But although that nearly $4 per gallon rate is pricey, it seems affordable compared to the $6.03 per gallon for regular gasoline and $6.25 per gallon for premium gasoline in Hana in a remote area on the island of Maui.

Hawaii’s average per gallon price is $4.550, according to

Buy ‘em Danno

Season 12 of the original Hawaii 5-0 television series is about to be released on DVD. Hawaii First Circuit Court Judge Steve Alm will be sure to buy his copy since he is in one of the episodes along with KHON TV News Anchor Joe Moore.

Moore plays a boxer and Alm is seen sparring on the show. Moore and Alm are two of several local people who locked in parts on the old Hawaii 5-0 and got residual checks for years afterward as a result.

Gabbard, Kidani: Hawaii Foodbank Champions

Senators Michelle Kidani and Mike Gabbard were the two Senators who raised the most money for the Hawaii Food Bank this legislative session through fundraisers at the capitol coordinated by their respective offices.

Kidani raised over $1,000 and Gabbard brought in more than $2,000. There are 25 members in the senate.

Members of both the House and Senate hold fundraisers in their offices at least once a session to support the Hawaii Foodbank. Most lawmakers sell lunches, but some of the more creative projects this year include smoothies and t-shirts.

Hawaii Ties to the Dalai Lama

Amnesty International USA will present the first-ever “Shine A Light On Human Rights” award to His Holiness the 14 th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso for his” tireless commitment to social justice and human rights around the world.” Hawaii’s very own Melissa Vincenty, a local immigration attorney, will co-present the award.





  1. OF ALL members of the City Council, Stanley Chang will be the first to be right in the middle of a major controversy. It’s just a matter of time. His careless remarks at a neighborhood board meeting contradicting how he actually voted are the first signs of a young man way-in over his head.

    Regular council meeting observers are amazed when they see Chang take orders (double-speak: “advice”, “input”) via text-messaging from hotel & visitor industry power brokers sitting in the audience. No wonder all the hotels and developers worked so hard to get Chang elected. They definitely have him in their back pocket.

    So far the council seems to be getting along on the outside. I can hardly wait for the first major council re-organization. You can see the Councilman Chang train wreck coming a mile away.

  2. When is our local media going to end this new City Council’s honeymoon and start covering them more closely?

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