More than $5.1 Million in Grant Funds Released by Mayor’s Economic Development Office in 2012

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REPORT FROM MAUI COUNTY – WAILUKU, Maui, Hawai`i – During calendar year 2012 the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (OED) issued more than $5.1 million dollars in grant monies to various local organizations. Grantees were selected based upon their economic impact within Maui Countythrough business and/or jobs created or sustained. Improvements to Maui County in the areas of environment, agriculture, business, sports, arts, and cultural were also considered.

“OED grants are all about helping to create better jobs and a more resilient economy,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa. “Whether it’s establishing green jobs programs, helping our youth learn a trade or creating awareness of an emerging industry, we are all working toward building a better community.”


The list of grantees includes the following:

Hana Canoe Club, $5,000

Hana Regatta Projects

The funds assisted with the expenses of operations, expanding and enhancing the 2012 annual Hana Regatta in order to extend reach within the Hana community.


Hana Cultural Center, $12,000

Alternative Wastewater System Installation & Construction

The funds were for the installation of a new alternative wastewater system.


Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation, $6,500

Molokai Farm Bureau and 4-H Livestock Expo

Funds were used for promotional and operating expenses to assist the 4-H livestock expo in expanding their annual event.


Hawaiian Kamalii Inc., $10,000

The Pailolo Challenge

Funds were used to put on the Pailolo Challenge, a 26-mile outrigger canoe race from Maui to Molokai.


Kahana Canoe Club. $12,000

Maui Nui Canoe Race Operations

The funds were used to facilitate and organize the Maui Nui Canoe Race.


Ka Waianu O Haloa, $3,000

Keanae Kupuna Program

Funds were used to provide ADA accessibility for safe entrance to the property and building.


Lahaina Town Action Committee, $21,000

Boat Days in Lahaina

The funds were used to help with expenses for meeting, greeting and entertaining tourists that arrive through the Lahaina Harbor. Boat Day is intended to supplement the visitor experience and supports the growth of visitor-related revenue.


Lanai Community Association, $12,000

2012 Lanai Pineapple Festival

The funding has ensured the continuation, high quality and expansion of the Lanai Pineapple Festival.


Lokahi Pacific, $14,533

Lanai Changes

Funds were used to set up an office space for use by all non-profits of Lanai, for the benefit of their board of directors, volunteers and clients.


Maui Arts & Cultural Center, $300,000

A Force in Economic Development & Community Building on Maui

Funds were used to maintain and develop the center, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit, governed by a volunteer board of directors and supported by the County and the people of Maui.


Maui Chamber of Commerce, $15,000
Green Business Program

Funds were used to establish a Green Business Program within the Maui Chamber of Commerce to help a broader segment of Maui’s business sector embody a green culture in their business operations.


Maui Economic Development Board Inc., $25,000

2012 Maui Film Festival Wailea

The funds have been used for the promotion of the 2012 Maui Film Festival in Wailea to industry leaders, celebrities and the media.


Maui Economic Development Board, $45,000

Maui High School Automotive Program

The funds supported a community-based effort to sustain the national award-winning Maui High School Automotive Program by capturing teaching methods, developing a curriculum model and providing instructor training.


Maui Huliau Foundation, $11,500

Huliau Independent Filmmakers

The funding was used to assist Maui youth ages 12-18 in producing four short films over the course of the 2012-2013 school year. The films are about the important work being done by environmental non-profits on Maui, which receive funding from the County. These films help educate public officials and Hawaii residents in how the organizations work to protect our natural resources in Maui County, as well as teaching our youth film-making skills.


Maui Nui Botanical Gardens Inc., $100,000

Connecting Maui’s Communities with Native Hawaiian Plants at MNBG

These funds have been used to operate and maintain Maui Nui Botanical Gardens and to promote and conserve Native Hawaiian and Polynesian-introduced plant species featured at this unique coastal botanical garden.


Maui County‘s Visitors Bureau, $3,500,000

Promoting Maui and stimulating the local economy

The funds went toward the primary objective of increasing visits and spending in Maui, for first-time and repeat visitors through media, trade shows, co-operative marketing, advertising, travel agencies, supporting airlines and promoting Maui in general.


Molokai Arts Center Inc., $14,600

Molokai Arts Center 1st Year

The funds went to purchasing equipment and supplies to be shared by over 70 pottery students and artists at the newly established MolokaiArt Center for their first year operating.


Molokai Island Foundation, $12,000

Happy Holidays Molokai Style

The funds were used to organize two holiday events for the community of Molokai during the Christmas season. The festivities attracted many participants, locals and visitors and provided a venue to enjoy the holiday and promote local Molokai businesses.


Molokai Livestock Cooperative, $27,000


Funding last year helped in continuing the effort to establish the livestock cooperative as a profitable, sustainable and local business. The focus was on providing a market outlet for local ranchers and allowing local livestock producers to keep their products in-state.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council Inc., $5,000

Annual Upcounty Ag & Farm Fair

The funding was used for the operation of the 32nd Annual Upcountry Fair that promotes and supports Maui’s 4-H Community.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., $10,000

Body and Soil Health Conference

Funds were used to cover the infrastructure of a two-day conference on Korean Natural Farming for the production of food and remediation of the soil.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council Inc., $5,000

Lanai Economic Development and Cultural Programs

Funds were used to establish a Chamber of Commerce for the island of Lanai, Hawaii.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., $20,000

Lanai Native Species Recovery Program

Funds were used to support watershed and native species protection operations of the Lanai Native Species Recovery Program by providing equipment, supplies & materials.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council Inc., $67,000

Maalaea Harbor Sewage Pump out Program

Funds provided support for interim onshore wastewater pumping of commercial vessels while a new pump-out facility was being built atMaalaea Harbor.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., $20,000

Makawao Friday Town Parties

Funds assisted the Makawao Merchants Association with developing, organizing and implementing Friday Town Parties that are economically stimulating, culturally relevant and family-friendly.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., $833,000

Maui Invasive Species Project

Funds were used to help control targeted invasive species in Maui County that threaten the County’s watersheds, economy, agriculture and quality of life.


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., $4,500

47th Paniolo Parade

Funds were used for marketing and operational costs in support of the annual parade in Makawao.


University of Hawaii at Hilo, $80,000

Hawaii Business Research Library

Funds were used to support the operations of the Hawaii Business Research Library (HBRL) of the Hawaii Small Business Development Center (HSBDC) to develop the Maui County Data Book and to provide business research services to Maui businesses and organizations.






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