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PRNewswire/ — There are plenty of places online where fans can listen to new music, buy songs and albums, and discuss their favorite musicians. But there is only one social media network dedicated to independent musicians and music lovers: (

Designed to help emerging bands and musicians showcase their music and connect with new fans, is completely free for musicians and music fans alike. members join as fans or musicians. Bands and musicians can post their upcoming gigs, announce CD releases, create groups and channels, and post blogs and classified ads. Fans can interact directly with musicians, add favorite artists, videos or songs to their pages, and recommend songs or videos to their friends.

“We believe musicians should be able to promote and expose their own music for free to the fans who love independent music,” stated CEO Shelva Navah. “Money should not be an issue to share your own music via music video streaming or audio streaming. At, any independent musician can expose his or her music to new fans worldwide without paying a dime. Our message, and unofficial motto, is Get Busy Living. Start Making Music.”


Live music chat rooms and forums allow artists and fans to discuss music by genre. The “Advice Corner” forum is a goldmine of information, giving musicians a place to ask questions and help each other out. All members can add detailed information to their profile pages, including links to their own sites or to their music on other music-sharing sites.

Fans interested in discovering new music can browse the charts, which feature the videos and audio files that are currently popular among other members. Member-created channels offer fans another way to find songs or bands they might enjoy.

“ is all about new music and the people that create it, appreciate it and want to hear more of it,” Navah said. “Sometimes we postpone our passions to such a degree that life passes us by without us following our dreams and desires. Days go by, weeks go by, months go by, and years go by. Are we living the life we want to live? Are we making music the way we want to? Or are we too busy doing minor things and not focusing on the real passions that drive us from within. We’re in the business of helping independent musicians realize their dreams of just making music, regardless of their background or connections, and getting it heard by the people who should control the music industry: The fans.” membership is completely free, with no hidden costs or fees to musicians or music lovers. To learn more, visit at

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