National Clean Off Your Desk Day – Monday, Jan. 12

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Messy Desk? Have you ever seen an office that look as if it
had gone through the spin cycle of the washing machine, or
perhaps a dump truck backed up and dropped its load.?

There are newspapers, magazines, pink phone slips,
yellow, blue, and green sticky notes, pads and pads
of paper, new files, used files, colored files.


Then there are papers — big pieces, little pieces,
new pieces and old pieces.

How can a person get any work done with such clutter? All those
papers aren’t even needed. The person who sits behind that desk
may look busy, but is the job really getting done?

Think of the time wasted just trying to find something in all that

If only little patches of the top of your desk are visible,
you’re not using your desk as it was meant to be used.
You’re also wasting valuable time.

At least 60 percent of the papers piled on your desk no
longer have any value or meaning. They’ve piled up
because you didn’t have a system.

Instead of deciding what should be done with them,
you’ve just put them in a pile.

“Winning The Fight Between You And Your Desk” shows you
how to eliminate that clutter, saving you at least sixty minutes
a day, simply because you can find all the unfinished work
that’s been laying around, untouched, in piles on your desk.

”The Issue is Time and Money”

The issue isn’t whether a desk is clean or messy.
That’s a smokescreen. The real issues are:

*Time and money,

*The quality of your work, and

*The length of time needed to complete it.

With an organized, efficient desk, you can save both time
and money. Fewer things will slip through the cracks.

You can stay on top of all your unfinished work, locate your
papers and files within seconds, and become more productive.

You’ll look forward to coming to work in the morning, and
you’ll get home earlier at night. You’ll feel better about
your job – and you’ll feel better about yourself.

”’Reprinted with permission from “Jeffrey Mayer’s Newsletter. (Copyright, 2003, Jeffrey J. Mayer, To subscribe to Jeff’s free newsletter, visit”’