Naturopathic Chinese Medical Doctor Shares Key to Happier, Healthier Life

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HONOLULU (MMD Newswire) — People everywhere are constantly searching for the tricks to living a longer, healthier life. In her guide, “The Wisdom of Well-Being: Your Health is in Your Hands” (ISBN 1452844623), naturopathic doctor and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, provides the basics from which true health, hygiene and happiness emerge.

As a healthcare professional, Ostroff sees patients who have been diagnosed with illnesses they are told can only be treated with medication. These same patients are suffering needlessly from the side effects of their pills, while they are not feeling better, often worse and powerless from the diagnosis, prognosis and protocols which have been prescribed.


Dr. Ostroff provides optimistic alternatives, solutions for her readers that when embraced and practiced regularly, bring about healing from the inside out. She maintains that the practical application of the tips concisely outlined in her book are the foundational steps that lead to a sense of overall well-being, and without them, the journey to a healthy life is not complete.

“Having struggled with depression, PMS, ADD, weight and self-esteem issues from an early age, I knew that my first job was to heal myself,” says Ostroff. “I did not believe that conventional medicine had any relationship to health. I sought out more natural ways to restore balance in my body, and this is what I’d like to share. This is what works.”

After overcoming her once-considered fatal illness, Ostroff has dedicated her life to helping others restore balance and create harmony in their lives. With her practice in Honolulu, and people seeking answers everywhere, she decided to write a book to share this necessary information.

“The Wisdom of Well-Being: Your Health is in Your Hands” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff is a licensed naturopathic physician and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She established the Center for Natural Healing in 1989, where she assists patients in overcoming acute and chronic health problems stemming from emotional and physical imbalance. In 1991, Ostroff was diagnosed with a condition that was considered fatal. Passionately believing in the body’s ability to heal itself when given the proper conditions and guidance, she took on the opportunity to heal herself completely using what she learned to be nature’s cure. Email:  and Website:






  1. Have to buy the book-not an altruistic healer. Works for everyone evidently regardless of illness. Something fishy with that immediately.

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