New Honolulu-Based Media Startup Launches with Focus on Spirituality

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Spirituality just got a whole new look. The Lightstyle Network is Honolulu’s newest media Startup to be born out of The Greenhouse Innovation Hub in the heart of Kaka‘ako — Honolulu’s new urban core.



John Garcia, Digital Innovation Strategist and Entrepreneur, joins forces with Staton Ann Mineshima, Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Healer to launch the multimedia platform with a goal to shift spiritual consciousness.


The Lightstyle Network is an interactive web and social media platform coupled with a live, on demand television experience. The platform will serve as a thought engine and ecosystem where inspiration and new ideas are born. The Lightstyle Network is seeking to redefine spirituality as something that already exists in everyone and not something to attain.


“It’s the cool thing that makes you, you,” says Staton Ann Mineshima, Lightstyle’s Editor-in-Chief. Mineshima is in charge of crafting a voice that caters to the forward-thinking explorers and influencers who are true to their soul and seek to find new ways to experience a more authentic and fulfilling life. “By creating a central place for these voices to be heard, the contagious and collective energy will raise the overall communities and world we live in,” says Mineshima.


Articles, videos and interactive social media features will focus on topics about expression, influence and exploration. From style and fashion to new knowledge found through science, culture, and travel, The Lightstyle Network is bringing spirituality to mainstream culture and modernizing it for today’s audiences.


“By leveraging all aspects of media and interactivity, we have the opportunity to create an experience that will disrupt the current market and redefine the way that spiritual content is delivered,” says Garcia, Lightstyle’s Creative Director. Garcia’s past projects include the launch of Nonstop Honolulu, an online platform for entertainment, events and eating and The Greenhouse Innovation Hub, a technology and innovation incubator.


The Lightstyle Network goes live Friday, October 26 with web articles, video features and social media conversation at


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  1. Good luck Lightstyle Network. We read in 21st Century Science and Health, "God, the Soul of all existence, permanent in individuality, harmony, and spirituality, imparts and perpetuates harmony and spirituality in us through Mind, not matter/energy." The beauty of omnipresent spirituality.

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