No Cyber Bullying, ‘Mentally Handicapped’ Now Called ‘Intellectually Disabled’, Among Hawaii’s New Laws

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Gov. Neil Abercrombie signs legislation into law - Photo by Ed Morita

HONOLULU, HAWAII – Governor Neil Abercrombie on Monday signed into law the following bills:

House Bill 688 requires the Board of Education to monitor compliance with Department of Education rules or statutes covering bullying, cyberbullying, or harassment and to establish reporting requirements for the DOE.


House Bill 739 requires, among other things, that the primary caregiver be a certified nurse aide and the substitute caregiver be a nurse aide who has completed certain training in community care foster family homes approved for a maximum of three clients.

House Bill 761 changes references in the Hawaii Revised Statutes by substituting “intellectual disabilities” wherever the term “mental retardation” appears.

Senate Bill 11 creates a taskforce to determine whether a new Department of the Sheriff is needed and feasible.

Senate Bill 45 repeals the civil service exemptions for the first and second deputy sheriffs.

Senate Bill 631 increases, with certain limitations, the areas within agricultural lands in which solar energy facilities may be constructed.

Senate Bill 1530 authorizes the Board of Land and Natural Resources to extend leases of public lands for hotel or resort use upon approval of a proposed development agreement to make substantial improvements.

Senate Bill 1213 establishes a temporary taskforce to review state and county administrative rules that could be amended to make the permitting and approval process less burdensome.

House Bill 985 allows a procurement officer to submit a single bid for the design and construction of a project and adds a new definition to the procurement code designated as “design-build.”

House Bill 320 exempts the requirement for a license realtor who provides opinions on the estimated price on real estate to obtain a license as an appraiser.

Senate Bill 98 amends the Hawaii Water Carrier Act to clarify the authority of the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission to issue a certificate of public convenience and necessity to a water carrier.

Governor Abercrombie has enacted 221 bills so far. The deadline for Governor Abercrombie to sign or veto bills passed in the last legislative session is today, July 12, 2011.