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BY JEFF CHURCHLL – As we sat around the television Saturday morning, September 10, 2011, watching the United Flight 93 Memorial dedication along the countryside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania we noticed that something was missing.

Hundreds of surviving family members, friends and even individuals from across this great Nation arrived to pay tribute to the memories of the 40 Hero’s who valiantly sacrificed their lives so that others may live another day.


Former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky spoke to the crowd reciting a number of poems.   Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachian graced those in attendance with a couple of loving songs during the event.   Award-winning bagpiper Bruce Liberati played Amazing Grace as he strolled along the pathway next to the white eight foot tall pillars with the chiseled names of the 40 valiant Men and Women of United Flight 93.

Dignitaries from across our great Nation came to Shanksville, Pennsylvania.   Local politicians, State Legislators, Governors past and present, Representatives from the United States Congress were there to pay homage to our fallen Hero’s.  Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, former Presidents George W. Bush and William Clinton were in attendance who spoke briefly before the crowd acknowledging the heroic actions of the passengers of United Flight 93.

However, sitting at the head of the VIP section on stage was Vice President Joseph Biden, who I might add contributed to the dedication with a wonderful speech.

Noticeably absent was our Commander in Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama.  Where was our President?  Why did he send Vice President Biden?  You would think since President Obama globe trots across the nation daily and it’s not uncommon for him to visit 3 states in one day, could have at least graced the presence of the families of our 40 fallen Hero’s at Saturday’s event.

As the Commander in Chief of our great Nation one would think he could take time out of his schedule to honor these Patriots.  Who, not knowing each other, devised a plan within minutes of realizing their fate in life, over powered this cowardly enemy in an attempt to re-take control of this airliner.  And because of their actions they saved thousands of American’s.  It would have been really just a small sacrifice to pay recognizing these courageous Men and Women of United Flight 93 at the ceremony.

As we viewed the ending of the ceremony we began to feel embarrassed for those families.   Especially after finding out that the President and the First Lady were leisurely walking between the graves at Arlington National Cemetery that same day.

President Obama’s actions for not attending the United Flight 93 Memorial dedication ceremony on Saturday, September 10, 2011, are inexcusable.